Photographer Franco Banfi‘s shot of a pod of sperm whales at rest, hanging together motionless and vertical in the water.

The whales do this for about 6-24 minutes at a time, exhibiting signs of REM (dream) sleep, an activity that accounts for 7% of their life.

The phenomenon was accidentally discovered by a team of UK and Japanese researchers in 2008.


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7 thoughts on “Spermhenge

    1. Boj

      If they sleep shallow, it’s head up. When they go deeper, it’s head down. Probably a buoyancy/stability thing.
      It’s amazing that this was only discovered recently enough.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Why !?!!
        If you were having a dip
        Dived into a wave
        Did a few breastrokes
        Opened your eyes and saw them

        What that fupp would you do

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