34 thoughts on “‘The Roof Will Need To Be Reduced By 18 Inches’

          1. Nigel

            Her parents only had planning permission for 5’9″ otherwise she was blocking the view and bringing down property values.

  1. shitferbrains

    This is the kind of thing planners leap on. Never mind the firetrap block of flats around the corner.

  2. dav

    Quality Irish property development there,, built with the best of materials, to the highest of specifications and in best practice to all building/fire codes.
    And if it isn’t it doesn’t matter, the government have got your – sorry , the builders/developers backs

  3. Penfold

    How can they advertise the attic as a room, when a chunk of it has to be lopped off.
    I can imagine the fun negotiations with the neighbours regarding the garden maintenance or if a dog was to be let loose.

    1. edalicious


      if you take the required 18″ off, there’s no way the attic bedroom would be useable. Same as my gaf, we got an attic conversion we didn’t have to pay for because they couldn’t legally call it a conversion because it was too short. I’d be intrigued to see if they’d bothered with any of the other planning requirements for 3 story dwellings, like fire doors, etc.

  4. Owen C

    Someone else may be able to interpret this better than I, but it seems like DLR ordered the roof to be reduced down (presumably by the 18 inches) back in 2009


  5. Shayna

    There was a local council grant available to knock down the view from my height. It’s since lapsed – so I’ve got to walk around and ‘enjoy’ comments such as “How’s the weather up there?”.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      HA! That’s exactly what people used to say to my Mum. It wasn’t as common to be that tall as a lady back in days of yore.

  6. Murtles

    I don’t think a foot and a half will be enough to bring it in line with the other roof (in my expert eyeballing from an online photo opinion).

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Typical man. That’s not 18 inches! That’s 32 inches!
      Are you a man? If not, then you’re dead right, woman.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Well then t’would be even higher again

      Wha’ about dropping the foundations annuder bit

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