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Wake up, people.

Among the most rested countries surveyed by Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks how much shuteye people are getting, New Zealand comes top with the average Kiwi clocking up in excess of 7.5 hours per night.

Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, the UK and Belgium all rank highly for sleep, too, with Ireland close behind (at 7.3 hours).


Which countries get the most sleep – and how much do we really need? (WeForum.org)

Thanks Spaghetti Hoop

Photographer Franco Banfi‘s shot of a pod of sperm whales at rest, hanging together motionless and vertical in the water.

The whales do this for about 6-24 minutes at a time, exhibiting signs of REM (dream) sleep, an activity that accounts for 7% of their life.

The phenomenon was accidentally discovered by a team of UK and Japanese researchers in 2008.