Staying In Tonight?


Vincent Browne

TV3 said last night that when interviewing Mr Varadkar, Browne would take the opportunity to ask the Taoiseach about his plans for his time in office and what he meant by vowing to represent “people who get up early in the morning”, as well as Brexit. The programme is broadcast from 11pm.


Leo Varadkar submits to Vincent Browne TV3 interrogation (Irish Times)

Pic” TV3

15 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. missred

    Ooh, this sounds interesting, wish I still had normal telly for moments like these. Hope Vin B picks so many holes in Varadkar he feels like a colander by the end of it

  2. curmudgeon

    People are acting like its a watershed moment. Leo has been on the show before and has always been reputed as publicity hungry so this comes as no surprise.

  3. b

    ironically, i rarely get to watch VinB as its on so late and i have to get up early in the morning for work

  4. Kid Creole Jensen

    Vincent is a highly over-rated broadcaster. He is all bluster and little more. His show last night about Travellers had no balance. John Connors who didnt have the decency to remove his cap was able to make some unsubstantiated claims i.e that the ERU raided his halting site because a property developer asked them to!

    1. Sam

      “decency to remove his cap”. That’s a pile of rubbish. Taking off of hats is about deference not respect.
      Kings leave their headwear on in court, and everyone else, (other than perhaps a bishop) must uncover their head. Vinnie B isn’t a king, nor a bishop, and this is supposed to be a republic of equals, so ‘removing the cap’ is about as relevant as tugging the forelock. I’d ask a man to remove boots before entering my house, but if his hat isn’t wet and dripping over the floor, I am not too bothered about whether he chooses to leave it on or not.

      The Healy Rae’s wore their caps on Vinnie B’s show but not in the Dáil, because he knows where the power lies, and the Ceann Comhairle would tell him to remove it, before the state sponsored prayer.

  5. kid jensen

    I don’t actually. Vincent is a bag of wind. he claims to be the outsider but he is very much the insider.

  6. Andrew

    A show that generates more heat than light. I gave up watching it years ago, before eventually getting rid of my telly.
    There’s a lot of reasons to admire Vincent’s work and contribution to this society over the years. This programme isn’t really one of them.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      And the, ahem, ‘balance’ of rte fare is better?

      We lack journalists with the platform to actually hold the government/gardai/whoever to account with any kind of success. They either have not the readers/viewers, or the balls to actually do it. If you think that RTE are capable of this, then you’re deluding yourself.

      1. Andrew

        I never mentioned RTE Mildred. I actually mentioned that I don’t have a television. I absolutely agree though, RTE and most of our media are incapable of holding anyone to account.
        I actually aid I admired Vincent, just not his TV show.

  7. Johnny Keenan

    I think i’ve broke the twitter machine and smoked out all vinb #.
    In no particular order he might ask at least one of the following. Please feel free to add and shur if #LeoLiberal doesn’t get asked or doesn’t answer there is always ‘Broadsheet On The Telly’ for him to come on ta.

    #vinb please ask #LeoLiberal if he would have a conversation with #Bono about #IrelandMovingForward
    A real IMF initiative.

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal if he has visited Kilmainham Gaol. If not why not. If so what did he feel, knowing the sacrifices that were made?

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal for a specific date for Abortion referendum.

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal what is he doing to bring home the 600000 that left Ireland in the last 10 years? No other country educates to leave

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal does he think it’s ok that we have a suicide epidemic and no action plan in sight?

    #vinb will ya tell #LeoLiberal that we want a young dynamic leader to represent us all. Not a puppet who represents the few.

    #vinb will ya tell #LeoLiberal that we know his #NeoLiberal government are more interested in big business and Pharma than the Irish people

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal if he thinks the Irish electorate are apathetic and docile. If he says no. Ask him to stop treating us like we are

    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal if he thinks it’s ok for Eva Barry to be in Holland receiving medical cannabis when she should be receiving it here?

    #vinb will you ask #LeoLiberal if he thinks it’s ok to take Simon Coveney from housing minister before he fulfilled his promise to homeless?

    #vinb will ya ask #LeoLiberal if he asked Trudeau about Canada legalising cannabis by July 2018. This is a €1 billion industry?

    #vinb will ya ask #LeoLiberal if he asked Trudeau about Canadian Pension Plan investment Board buying shares in Corrib Gas. If not why not?

    #vinb will ya tell #LeoLiberal that I have an idea that will create at least 100 permanent jobs via #OffalyGoodVibes #IrelandMovingForward

    #vinb will you ask #LeoLiberal if giving an extra €2 to asylum seekers/refugees is better than giving jobs and ending direct provision?
    #vinb ask #LeoLiberal about the #NotAnotherCent and why American Vulture Capitalists own 90% of NAMA sold property?

    My top 3 Favourite Vincent Brown Verbal Battles against the Establishment
    Vincent Brown V ECB/IMF/EC=Trioka

    Vincent Brown Vs Berie Ahern

    Vincent Brown Vs Brian Cowen

    Vincent Browns line of questioning is a clear template that Irish political journalists need to follow. Thats the line of questioning we have become accustomed to. The establishment will show their true colours on how they answer this direct and informed line of questioning.

    LIP (Live In Peace) Vincent Brown

  8. Johnny Keenan

    I take it all back. Well, some of it. Very easy interview with #LeoLiberal. A love-in more like.
    Going on about tax. I want to hear about job creation and decent pay and affordable living. Can I call myself middle class.? What kind of social status and income do I need for that ?

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