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  1. Zoella

    I feel a bit sorry for Molly Martens. Seemingly bi-polar; deep attachment to children who were about to be taken from her after she had been their de-facto mother for years, and she lost the plot. No excuse for what ensued of course but have some sympathy for her.

    1. anne

      You’d feel sorry for her all right. In saying that I heard Jason Corbett’s brother & his first wife’s sister on RTE radio 1 this morning with Sean O’Rourke saying how she sent the Corbett family the ambulance bill the night Jason was murdered. She also moved his body around from funeral home to funeral home when some family members arrived in North Carolina..so they wouldn’t find him. She wanted him cremated too but thankfully didn’t get away with doing that.

      She’s had nothing but contempt for his family.

  2. Catherinecostelloe

    Martens was in a psychiatric unit and engaged to be married when she upped sticks to take au pair job in Ireland.
    I am sure Jason was not aware of her history when he employed her. Her lucky ex fiancee got a visit from the police in 2015 and he informed them of toxic relationship that crushed him. A devious madam and she belongs behind bars. R.I.P Jason.

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      You know her personally do you? How dare you come on here and impugn her motives if she mental health issues?

  3. Catherinecostelloe

    Her ex fiancee wrote a book about her in 2011. She was in psychiatrist unit as she was popping over 2 dozen pills a day and was admitted as a result. And from there she came to Ireland ……obviously abandoning the fiancee.

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      Obviously great to celebrate the fact that her children have no father and their mother who has mental health issues is now in jail. A “devious madam” to you though, yer an awful, judgemental tool.

  4. Lilly

    What puzzles me most is the father. Yes, he was probably devastated at what was happening to his daughter but how did a former FBI agent think he could possibly get away with it?

      1. Lilly

        Either that or he didn’t care and was prepared to take the consequences. And no, I don’t know him Mr Sarky-pants.

          1. Luke Warm

            Then I’ve perfectly demonstrated how only a real dope would be speculating on his mental state

    1. anne

      I’d say she’s a real daddy’s girl..he’d have done anything for her. He had said to former coworkers he hated Jason Corbett, which seems like more to do with his obsession with his daughter than anything Jason Corbett did or said.

      I’d say if you’ve spent a lifetime of being an arrogant piece of work too you think you’re invincible.

      1. Luke Warm

        I’d say you’re talking through your hoop. “A real Daddy’s girl” – what does that even mean? Sounds like sexism, slut-shaming and misogyny all rolled into one.

    2. anne

      My sister said the same to me btw..that she seems whacked but she didn’t get the father. He could be more stable than her but more evil IMO.. A lifetime in the FBI probably had him thinking he was above the law.

        1. anne

          He enjoyed kicking in doors & making arrests he supposedly said to state investigators. I’d say he’s a bit of a sociopath all right.
          I don’t how Jason Corbett got involved with the likes of them. He was a very nice guy I’ve been told from friends who hung out with him.

          1. Lilly

            Apparently he claimed that the father of JC’s first wife told him during his wedding to MM that he had killed his daughter. As if he would attend the wedding if he suspected that. TM was deliberately painting a picture, but seemed to be unaware that he was dealing with a tight-knit community. A slippery customer no doubt.

            All the same it would have been a bitter blow for MM to lose the children. Dealing with mental health issues in a family is tricky. So hard to make decisions that are fair to all involved. Tragic case.

          2. anne

            yeah…very upsetting for the first wife’s family to listen to the lies there. The father of his first wife had to go make a sworn statement to a solicitor in Ireland before he died to dispute Tom Marten’s claims.

            You’d definitely have sympathy for her losing the kids.. you’d hope must people wouldn’t turn into homicidal maniacs in similar circumstances and they could try work something out.

  5. Lilly

    It is reasonable to assume that since he mounted a costly defence, he felt he had some chance of getting away with it – which flies in the face of his FBI experience, knowledge of forensics etc.

    What it is with gobdaws coming onto a discussion area trying to shut down the discussion. Would you ever take the scalded bottom look off your face and go and have a 99 or something.

      1. Lilly

        Are you off to big school in September, Luke Wad. Hope you learn to tie your shoelaces between now and then, and lose the chip.

    1. anne

      Just ignore him.. he’ll trot along elsewhere hopefully.

      I suppose you’re gonna mount a costly defense especially if the odds are staked against you..the likes of OJ Simpson wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.

      They just seem like arrogant fupps to be honest and gave Jason Corbett an awful death.
      I doubt a 67 year old tussled for a baseball bat with a 39 year old and came out the winner..

      A blood spatter expert said Jason Corbett took a blow to the head in bed..it’s likely he was asleep when she went out to the garden and got herself a concrete block. He had taken blows to the head when he was low on the ground…he pleaded for his life for all we know… There were defensive wounds on his hands and arms.

      1. Luke Warm

        You’re gonna mount as costly a defence as you can afford in the US legal system for entirely the reasons that if you’re a celebrity prisoner you’re far more likely to be treated fairly once inside. Look at the awful privation they have given that poor Bernie Madoff fellow for example. Also they will get this sentence reduced substantially on appeal and after demonstrating good behaviour etc.

        Seriously this is hard for me to write but you’re special.

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