Out Of Our Census


Infographic and table from the Central Statistics Office

This morning.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO)  released its homeless figures from Census 2016.

The CSO writes…

The report shows that, on the night of 24 April 2016 (Census Night), 6,906 persons were either sleeping rough or in accommodation designated for the homeless. Of these, 4,018 were male and 2,888 were female.


The average age of the homeless population was 31 years compared with 37 years for the general population.

Of the 6,906 homeless persons counted in Census 2016, 1,846 persons were aged 0-17 years, with 1,594 being children in family units. A further 413 persons (6%) were aged 60 and over.

On a marital status basis, 55% of homeless persons aged 15 and above were single, compared with 41% of the general population.

While almost 48% of the general population were married/remarried, only 9% of those homeless were.

The rate of separation/divorce was just above twice that of the general population, just over 12% compared to 6%.

Of those enumerated on census night, 22% did not provide information on this topic.

…There were 896 families among the homeless population, representing 2,968 persons, and accounting for 43% of all homeless persons.

There were 67 couples without children, 326 families with one child, 261 families with two children and 131 families with three children.

A further 111 families had four or more children.

There were 262 couples with children and 567 one-parent families.

Female parents accounted for 96% of all one-parent families.

Of the 5,212 homeless persons aged 15 and over, 2,915 (56%) were in the labour force, of whom 899 (31%) were employed.

A further 2,016 (69%) were either unemployed/looking for a first job.

There were 607 persons who were unable to work due to permanent sickness or disability, representing 12% of the total, compared with 4.2% of the general population.

Students accounted for 429 persons (8%), while 188 persons stated that they were retired.

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8 thoughts on “Out Of Our Census

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      They’d have us believe that these people did not get up early enough, did not work hard enough, that they brought it on themselves too. That’s the current narrative peddled by an Leoseach.

  1. dav

    Oh dear B.S. be prepared for the attacks from those who want to hear no mention about this problem. because “it waz ff what done it” or “it’s the fault of the homeless charities, because they cause homelessness to finance themselves” or not agreeing with the last to points makes you a fascist…

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      You forgot about all those feckless folk who actually prefer to sleep in doorways, and are a waste of oxygen cos they didn’t attend Gonzaga, or similar.

  2. dav

    I do hope B.S. mention Fergus Finlays great interview on morning Ireland – he was right that the nation should feel enormous shame on allowing this problem to go on.
    Our government would move heaven and earth if it were a banking or an agricultural issue, but will do nothing to help the most helpless of our citizens

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