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Commuting in Ireland (from Census 2016)

How do you get to work?

A survey of commuting habits in in Ireland, taken from last year’s census, is published today.

The Central Statistics Office writes:

In April 2016, 56,837 people cycled to work, an increase of 43% since 2011. Three quarters of these were males.

Two thirds of all cyclists were in Dublin city and suburbs, with 38,870 persons cycling to work. In contrast, just 2,330 people cycled to work in Cork city and suburbs, 1,874 in Galway, 968 in Limerick, and 395 in Waterford…


Census 2016 Profile 6 Commuting in Ireland

Infographic and table from the Central Statistics Office

This morning.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO)  released its homeless figures from Census 2016.

The CSO writes…

The report shows that, on the night of 24 April 2016 (Census Night), 6,906 persons were either sleeping rough or in accommodation designated for the homeless. Of these, 4,018 were male and 2,888 were female.


The average age of the homeless population was 31 years compared with 37 years for the general population.

Of the 6,906 homeless persons counted in Census 2016, 1,846 persons were aged 0-17 years, with 1,594 being children in family units. A further 413 persons (6%) were aged 60 and over.

On a marital status basis, 55% of homeless persons aged 15 and above were single, compared with 41% of the general population.

While almost 48% of the general population were married/remarried, only 9% of those homeless were.

The rate of separation/divorce was just above twice that of the general population, just over 12% compared to 6%.

Of those enumerated on census night, 22% did not provide information on this topic.

…There were 896 families among the homeless population, representing 2,968 persons, and accounting for 43% of all homeless persons.

There were 67 couples without children, 326 families with one child, 261 families with two children and 131 families with three children.

A further 111 families had four or more children.

There were 262 couples with children and 567 one-parent families.

Female parents accounted for 96% of all one-parent families.

Of the 5,212 homeless persons aged 15 and over, 2,915 (56%) were in the labour force, of whom 899 (31%) were employed.

A further 2,016 (69%) were either unemployed/looking for a first job.

There were 607 persons who were unable to work due to permanent sickness or disability, representing 12% of the total, compared with 4.2% of the general population.

Students accounted for 429 persons (8%), while 188 persons stated that they were retired.

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A Rising Tide


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 13.03.48

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 13.04.46

From top: The preliminary findings of Census 2016; a table showing the percentage change in population and households by county, 2011 – 2016; and the percentage of vacant dwellings across Ireland in 2016

The Central Statistics Office has released the results of Census 2016.

It’s found, since 2011, the population has increased by 3.7 per cent, or 169,724 to 4,757,976.

See how the population has changed in each county here

State’s population grows by 3.7% over five years (Irish Times)