Tent Eviction


Darren and Christopher Doyle hold the eviction notice they received from Phoenix Park authorities last weekend

Claire Scott, on Dublin Live, reports:

Homeless men have spoken out after their tents and belongings were taken by Phoenix Park authorities.

….The two men, Darren Doyle, 35, and Christopher Doyle, 28, were among an estimated 10-15 people who were issued eviction notices and were told to leave and remove their tents ‘as soon as possible’.”

….On Tuesday, they returned to the park to find their belongings and tents were removed despite the fact that they had left a note on cardboard in the door of the family sized tent explaining that they would be back to collect their items.”


Phoenix Park authorities take belongings and tents belonging to homeless (Dublin Live)

20 thoughts on “Tent Eviction

  1. Paps

    I remember leaving a note on my car once that someone had parked in my paid parking spot, still got clamped.

    1. nefD6

      I’m sure you’d be fine with them living in private spaces such as in your front garden?

      If not where exactly do you expect them to live?

  2. Pat "Connie" Plank

    Don’t expect any sympathy from the Irish Times crowd. Rosita, Kathy can you cover this? Usual narrative – Ed.


    Sir, – On Saturday morning I cycled from Cross Guns Bridge to Binns Bridge on the Royal Canal towpath in Dublin. I was surprised to discover that there were up to 20 people living in eight tents on the canal bank.
    Assuming that these were misguided tourists I engaged one couple in conversation and, to my amazement, discovered that they were in fact local residents, claiming to be homeless, and seeming to be entirely unaware that the recession was over, and that Ireland was now booming again.

    Obviously some people have failed to fully appreciate Ireland’s current standing as a paragon of European economic success and their responsibility to behave accordingly. – Yours, etc,

    Dublin 7.

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