22 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. badatmemes

    Sunday Life: “Sex on the beach”

    -obviously written by a man.
    Fecking sand gets into everything. It’s not worth 3 minutes of any girl’s life.
    Get back on your donkey you dope.

  2. badatmemes

    Sunday Independent: “Property prices will hit boom ‘within year’.

    You just can’t stop it, can you?
    You’re already a joke, but moreover you’re an insult to intelligence.

    Memo from the advertising department, was it?
    You make a lot of people feel sick.

      1. badatmemes

        Iodine tablets..?
        – they were mostly sold outside nite clubs, masqueraded as Ecstasy.
        Sarah Murphy is the man you should be talking to.

        I don’t do drugs.
        I wake up off me thrupenny-bits.
        I don’t need ’em.

        1. martco

          if we had politicians with even half of his competence at the table instead of the yes men and yes women we’ve allowed to govern us over the last 20 years things might be a lot brighter for everyone. a useful comparison.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            A hearty +1

            Someone who truly understood his role as a politician. I wish we had more like him.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I think Tony’s comment was refuting statement that all politicians are scumbags – citing Noel Browne as an example of one who clearly wasn’t.

  3. badatmemes

    Right on Ron.
    Every successful politician is a parasite on Society.
    The best ones fall at the first fences
    It’s an ugly arena.

    For as long as people continue to NOT vote with their hearts it will never change.

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