23 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Twunt

    A fantastic and deserved win for Galway. They hurled like men possessed and displayed an ability to score all manner of points all year long. RIP Tony Keady.

  2. Shayna

    Not coming from a Hurling county – Great Galway! 2 Sundays from now, The West will be awake, fully? Mayo have no chance against The Dubs until the two guys from ’51 Mayo All-Ireland All-Ireland team are dead. I did say earlier in the month, that if ever a team deserves an All-Ireland, it’s Mayo.
    I’d offer, going to Mass every day, or whatever to Pope Francis, lift the curse , make it an even match.
    The West is awake.

      1. bisted

        …you’d think after that humiliating defeat by Dublin the Tyrone evangelicals would give the catholic superstition and hocus pocus a rest…

    1. dav

      there is only a few things left to rely upon in the crazy, crazy world and one of them is mayo to lose the all Ireland final, like death and taxes..

          1. Frilly Keane

            I’d rather be still wi’ a shout in September than knocked out before the August Bank Holiday, and stuck looking for excuses not to watch the Sunday Game

          2. Harry Molloy

            and that’s what people still don’t get , Mayo fans are having the time of their lives, is there another team that has gifted their supporters with such much drama and inspired them with such resilience on an annual basis? Christ but a win would be nice, but, maybe this way it’s poetry. Like The Commitments.

  3. badatmemes

    Sorry for interrupting…
    – Does anyone know the name of any free DJ-ing software that will run on Windows 95 with 256Mb RAM?
    I haven’t been sleeping well recently.

    Just plugging next Sunday’s Super Day Out.
    .. Again.
    I’m going to be doing this until you start buying tickets.

    For every ticket you buy, I’ll play a request for you*.

    *I won’t play any requests for you. Who do you think I am?
    Just buy the tickets.

    1. badatmemes

      It isn’t because I’m afraid of comitting myself to playing ‘Brown Girl In The Ring’ by Boney M. I probably WOULD play that anyway… Family Day, etc…

      It’s just that I already have too many ☆☆☆☆☆ SCORCHERS!!!
      Too many tunes, not enough time.

      (You can bring me back to your gaff after the gig if you like. I’m not due back in work until 3pm on Monday. I can go in late if things go well.)
      Just sayin’

        1. badatmemes

          That was supposed to be a joke.
          It’s actually an excellent song.

          I’m probably a better DJ than I think.
          Buy tickets… Help me to solve this conundrum…. You and your friends/family, or just you.

          Honestly, Reggae pulls people together.
          It reawakens the inherent love we have inside for each other, the part of us that tricknology can never take away.
          I think they call it ”human spirit’ or something. It’s an old term. You don’t see it very often nowadays.


          (Yeah, yeah, so that’s TWO loves.., but I could’ve made a joke about unity. Would you prefer that?)

  4. Topsy

    Saw Varadkar there at the match. He looked totally disinterested and bored during the presentation of the Liam McCarthy cup to Galway.
    Gay pride marches are really his thing for a bit of entertainment.

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