31 thoughts on “Flake News

  1. Anusia Grennell

    My eyeballs are not long for this world considering the amount of times I’ve to roll my eyes at Newstalk

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I switched the dial far far away from Newstalk a long time ago.

          Awful station. Surprised your ears aren’t bleeding.

  2. kirkbadaz

    never come across a true “snowflake” who wasnt on the right of the spectrum. these guys are prime examples.

    any time they get criticism from listeners รท commenter is obviously wrong and just out to “hurt” their feelings. they must ve right cause they’re so unique and special and thier mammy said thier opinion and lifestyle was always the best and correct.

  3. :-Joe

    Pro FG establishment radio owned by {REDACTED}

    Chris and Ivan ask some tough questions and have decent discussions sometimes but apart from Moncrieff and off the ball it’s pretty much our version of fox news.


    1. Scoops4all

      You’ve just exempted a pretty large portion of their daily output. The plank is a plank obviously but can ask tough questions too.

  4. Joe

    “When people call you a ‘snowflake’ just remember they’re quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society, and become radicalized, and that Tyler Durden isn’t the hero but a personification of the main character’s mental illness, and that his ‘snowflake’ speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

    So basically people who say ‘snowflake’ as an insult are quoting a domestic terrorist who blows up skyscrapers because he’s insecure about how good he is in bed.”

  5. EightersGonnaEight

    “Snowflake” is such a weak term. What was wrong with “aul’ wans” and “poofters”?

  6. Tiny D

    It’s the laziness that bugs me. No one can be arsed to go and find something interesting to talk about so they just trot these guys out to say stuff about a topic that’s already been done to death.

    1. BobbyJ

      Yup, come Monday they’ll be screaming about how wrong it is that people who cycle don’t pay ‘road tax’. Beyond parody by this stage

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