The Middle Fingus


Further to Ryanair’s meltdown.

Via Aer Lingus:

As a nation of keen travellers there is nothing more disappointing than having your holiday plans cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Over the last few days Aer Lingus has seen record demand for its holiday rescue fares and has today announced an extension of its ‘Happy Winter’ sale with seats to Europe up for grabs this October from as a little as €29.99.

From 01 October – 28 February 2018, Aer Lingus, Ireland’s most punctual airline in and out of Dublin, will operate 100% of its flights to top European destinations.

So nyeh.

Aer Lingus

Yesterday: Saving Public Ryan


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11 thoughts on “The Middle Fingus

  1. Bruncvik

    During the Great Dublin Snowstorm of 2010-2011, Aer Lingus canceled my flight to Dublin. Because I purchased the flight through Expedia, they didn’t provide me with an alternative flight, and I had to purchase my own. Then they never reimbursed me for the original ticket. That wasn’t the last time I’ve flown with them, but it was the last time I paid for a ticket, and not my employer. So in my view, I see no difference between the reliability of the two airlines. Both are like a reverse lottery (low probability of bad things happening), so I find this statement by Aer Lingus quite hypocritical.

  2. Turgenev

    I brought back a suit a couple of weeks ago; I didn’t really like it after all. The shop gave me my money back.

    I couldn’t take a flight I’d paid for a couple of weeks ago. The flight cost me €170. I got €32 back.

    There’s no reason for the difference. You buy goods, you don’t want them, in everything except travel you get your money back if you return the item unused within reasonable time so it can be re-sold. Not with airlines. It’s a big fat cartel scam.

    1. Serval

      There is a difference.
      There is no time constraint on when the suit can be resold.
      There is a time constraint on when the airline seat can be resold.

      1. milk teeth

        It is a bit cheaky that then over book, or if you do cancell re sell your seat with no compensation to you though.

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