‘Ireland Will Not Recognise Result Of Catalan Referendum’




The Guardian reports:

Jordi Turull, the Catalan regional government spokesman, told reporters early on Monday morning that 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted Sunday chose yes.

He said nearly 8% of voters rejected independence and the rest of the ballots were blank or void. He said 15,000 votes were still being counted. The region has 5.3 million registered voters.

Catalan referendum: preliminary results show 90% in favour of independence (The Guardian)

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81 thoughts on “‘Ireland Will Not Recognise Result Of Catalan Referendum’

  1. rotide

    This is pretty much all he could have said. As a member of the EU, We have to respect their constitution but at least he good a good dig in about the disgraceful actions of the spanish police.

      1. Anomanomanom

        So he should have sided with what actually is an illegal vote. Taking the ridiculously actions of the Spanish government out of it for a second, what do you think he should have said.

        1. jusayinlike

          He should have began by not condoning violence and condemned the Spanish govt for beating their own population which is disgusting and also illegal, he’s a European people’s party stooge

          1. Anomanomanom

            But he basically did say that. He’s just not recognising the vote, which is the correct thing to do. Personally I agree with them being allowed to vote, but its still illegal under Spanish law and they are still part of Spain.

        2. Cian

          He should immediately deploy our armed forces to protect the poor Catalonians.
          One of our aircraft carrier fleets should be stationed in the Mediterranean another in the Bay of Biscay to help ‘influence’ the Spanish Government into allowing the Catalonians form their own country.

        3. Iwerzon

          The fact that the Spanish Gov reacted to the referendum means they recognised it and this gives it some form of legitimacy.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Clamps wants to bully Catelonians from his bedsit in Ireland. Their independence is none of your business, Clampy.

  2. Rugbyfan

    less than 40percent turn out. probably ok to agree. However the methods used by the police were appalling

    1. realPolithicks

      Maybe if the police weren’t beating the crap out of the people then there might have been a larger turnout.

  3. Derry Chambers

    When there are 24,000 policemen beating voters off the streets surely 40% can only be considered a huge turnout.

    1. Owen C

      so the bulk of the 24,000 were beating voters off the street? Cos i was under the impression that the local police just kinda stood by and did very little.

  4. francis almond

    What’s the story with LCD sound system? It seems to be the music of choice for 40 somethings. Leo Varadkar, Pascal Donahue being case in point. I overheard some dad types in Marlay park talking about the ‘gig’ the other night. Am I missing something? Should I ‘get into’ them?

    1. Fact Checker

      Yes, particularly ‘Sound of Silver’ (2007) and the under-rated ‘This is Happening’ (2010), although the latest album is rubbish.

      Yours, etc

      A ‘dad type’, often found in suburban parks, who saw LCD in Ireland twice in 2007, with no FG politicians visible whatsoever.

      1. Iwerzon

        Never listened to them until I watched Shut Up and Play the Hits documentary. It was about their last ever gig back in 2012. Have they reformed so soon?

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Excellent point Iwerzon. By sending in the heavies to stop the vote is acknowledging that Catalunya is winning. It has to be acknowledged that upto 20 attempts have been made to have this referendum. The Spanish government and EU are stifling the inevitable for years. By resorting to fascist tactics shows that peaceful negotiation is not part of the fascist make up.
          Information Is Knowledge
          Knowledge Is Power
          Power To The Peaceful
          Because pe scum people are reasonable people

          1. Johnny Keenan

            *Because peaceful people are reasonable people.

            I don’t know how I could have written anything else. Something weird is happening in predictive text world.

          2. Clampers Outside

            Hi Johnny, you make it sound like everyone wants independence….
            Latest poll was that 70% wanted a referendum; which is great. But the poll was close to 50:50 for independence / not. Far from any kind of majority….


            – – – –

            Then there is this:

            The city’s mayor, whose offices are a stone’s throw from the market, is also well aware of just how polarising the independence debate can be.

            Jordi Ballart, a member of the Catalan Socialist party (PSC), which opposes the referendum, declined to be interviewed. His Facebook page, however, details the abuse he has suffered over his opposition to the vote.

            “They’ve called me a quisling, a turncoat, a sellout, a coward, a wimp and a traitor … They’ve told me … I’m a bad Catalan, a moron, that I’m despicable, a piece of s*** and a disgusting f*****t – among many other things,” he wrote.

            Núria Marín, the PSC mayor of Catalonia’s second most populous city, L’Hospitalet, is reported to have complained to Puigdemont about the pressure being brought to bear on her colleagues by some in the independence movement.

            “I told him what a lot of people are thinking,” she told El País last week. “It hasn’t happened to me but a lot of my colleagues are having a rough time. Putting mayors in the crosshairs won’t fix anything; it’ll just add fuel to the fire.”


          3. Johnny Keenan

            Clampers I’m not going to respond to political spin. The fact is 700000 votes were not counted because they were stolen. Poll stations were closed by the fascist pigs. Democracy how are ya.
            Not making this point to you Clampers but
            For anyone going on about a dated constitution they need a reality check.
            Constitutions should be updated at least every 10 years or they are not worth the paper the blood of the people is spilt on.

          4. jusayinlike

            He’s quoting from pro EU Guardian.. their main headline today called the police brutality a “riot”, notice how the Guardian didn’t bother speaking to anyone from the leave side..

  5. snowey

    in fairness this goes beyond the Spanish constitution and to the heart of the EU.
    Political and financial elites are desperately looking to scupper brexit….if this movement for independence was allowed pass and be called legit then the EU wouldn’t have a leg to stand on re: Brexit.

    Leo, of course, is fully on board the EU train ….so he comments accordingly with empty meaningless guff…

    1. b

      this is nothing to do with the EU apart from people who want to project their anti EU views onto this situation

      in fact Catalunya want to remain in the EU

      1. snowey

        but they can’t remain in the EU
        …..it would be like the Scottish independence vote. which was pre brexit.
        If Scotland were to break from the UK they would then have to apply to the EU for membership – it was a key factor.
        same rules apply.

        or do you know differently? cos I’m all ears …..

    2. Twunt

      It is a special kind of stupid that blames Catalonia and the Basque Country’s resentment of Madrid on the EU.


        Yesterday you were here under a diff name with the same “It is a special kind of…” shyte.

        Phrasing make the neologism #1 spot on yer memo this week?

        The desperate reaction by an EU member state & the deafening silence of member states post ‘boots to the back of peoples heads’ exposes the grip the self elected Juncker & his ilk enjoy in pursuit of their technocratic nightmare.

        1. Twunt

          sorry yeah, I see that now, I misread what you wrote as I was driving a bus full of noisy kids.

  6. newsjustin

    I had to read up on the LCD Soundmachine shamozzle.

    If nothing else, I’m glad Leo is smart enough not to let himself be ambushed for a photo opportunity by a celeb on a mission to save us.

        1. snowey

          I doubt it – the population of the rathmines bedsits would be fully indoctrinated members of the repeal bandwagon.

  7. shitferbrains

    NO voters simply didn’t turn out, according to most reports from Barcelona that I’ve heard. Hence the 90%.


    sure, since it came from Barcelona, it must be true.

    wudna be suprised the extreme crackdown a ruse to goad the ETA into a response & in turn justify a final crush by madrid / eu

  9. Mark Mywords

    im sure that catalonia will be gutted that ireland doesnt recognice the vote. what with our opinion mattering so much and all.

    1. bisted

      …I’m not sure the Leo PR team opinion reflects all of Fine Gael never mind all of Ireland…

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Yeah Bisted.
        He doesn’t speak on behalf of anyone as he was never voted in as leader. Shur wouldn’t that make him a fascist.
        Information Is Knowledge
        Knowledge Is Power
        Power To The Peaceful
        Because peaceful people are reasonable people

  10. Jimmey Russell

    some depressingly anti-eu sentiment in the comments, looks like there are more closet racists than I thought

    1. rotide

      Jimmy james is stealing your name recognition jimmey.

      Whenever i see a Jimmyjames comment i expect some sort of kenm brilliance but am left disapointed

  11. Shayna

    I’ve driven through Catalonia, it was my first time, circa 1987/88, alongside two of my Uni friends, one of whom is attached to BS. (Anonymity assured) If anyone has ever been there, after traversing the Pyréneés from France, it’s pretty clear, it’s no longer France, but altogether, not Spain.
    Hemingway had a certain affinity to Catalonia, The Spanish Civil War, where he reported/”fought” ‘The Franco Regime’. The Catalonians love ‘El Ernesto’. He indulged heavily in Rioja Rosé.
    In memory of ‘El Ernesto’ – a guy who clearly loved a particular region of South Western Europe, a journalist, a poet, a novelist, a pugilist, drinker, genius. I’m still figuring, did the ‘Old Man’ catch the fish, or was it the other way around?
    The police do what police do, it’s the same around the World. I wouldn’t point fingers on the Spanish police reaction – it’s the ‘upstairs’ orders at fault.
    Viva Cataluña libre

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Nice one Shayna. I hung out in George Orwell plaza aka Plaza Tripi and found that people from Catalunya had serious resistance against Spain and EU based on Bush’s invasion in Iraq. That was in 2004.
      I think they were right. But because they believed in freedom of expression and right to assemble in a peaceful way they were routinely harassed by the cops.
      Somethings never change.

      1. Shayna

        Hey Johnny, we’ve never officially met – Hey – how’re ya, etc. I think you may know my BS companion on the 2,000 mile road road-trip. (It’s a 1,000 miles to Portugal x2 =2,000 , well – we came back).

    2. Shayna

      Sorry, I tend to drift away in my comments. Catalonia is beautiful, as are the people. Perhaps the referendum should be ratified by The Spanish Government?
      The “Remain/Brexit” vote in the UK, including 6 counties of Ireland was similar. Pretty much, if anyone looks at the analytics of the votes for Brexit – 99% Scotland voted, remain, 88% of the 6 counties of Ireland voted ‘Remain’ , alongside a similar poll for London, Wales, they don’t tend to vote.
      “Middle England”, it seems has a veto..
      I think I may have voted more times in the past 5 years than my mom and dad did in their life-time.
      I witter on about my Granny being a suffragette and being friendly with Countess M. I will continue to vote, in their memory, having helped secure a vote for women in Ireland.
      “Ministers” who sit in Stormont – sorry, not sitting abhor me, as do the TDs in An Dáil.
      Ádh Mór A Bhíann Na Catalanonia!

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Shayna great to know you. The only people I know in BS are the ones I see on a Thursday night. But glad to hear we are both in good company. I’m looking forward to meeting all contributors at the Xmas party. Maybe Rotide could organise it. I’m sure he will be able to get a room at the government department he is working in.
        I digress. Catalunya is beautiful. I loved heading up cost brava and stoping off at Cadaques. You know there is culture when someone like Dali grew up around there. The landscape is similar to Ireland on a summer day. That’s where the similarity ends.
        If you are a scumbag drug dealer Spain and the cos del crime is the place for ya. Leave Catalunya to the cultured and creative. That’s the difference. Obviously no disrespect to the majority of Spanish people but the reason the country is poo poo is because the country is corrupt. This is why Catalunya want to break free.

    3. badatmemes

      I haven’t driven through Catalonia yet, but I would NEVER begin any comment by saying ‘I have driven through Catolionia…’ or something similar…. Even if it was TRUE.

      Why would anybody say that???

      1. badatmemes

        I wear perfume from Vichy.
        I eat hamburgers from Berlin.
        I buy my ‘fish ‘n’ chips’ in Bersmondsey.
        My clothes are hand-woven in the Arran Isles.
        My hair is curly and my eyes are blue.

        What are you getting upset about?

  12. badatmemes

    Somebody asked earlier, ”What should he have said?”

    He should have said ‘can not’, not ‘will not’.

    – but that’s not the way this works…

    1. badatmemes

      Leo is a good minion.
      He smiles while he shafts you on behalf of his Masters.
      His Masters smile and look to Russia for appraisal.

      He will never be poor, except in his heart.

        1. badatmemes

          As concisely as I can put it…

          Russia wants to disrupt the West and cause division
          They’ve succeeded with the American election, Brexit and most recently in Catalan.

          The Big D in the unUSA was in a hole. (ref: NFL, Peurto Rico, Golf, Hairspray, etc.)
          ”I know what to do” said Vladimir on his secret walkie-talkie. ”An old bloke died a couple of days ago… Let me do something…”

          You shouldn’t have asked me Johnny.
          I only read this stuff on the Internet. Now people are going to think it’s what I think.
          I love Russia.
          I’ve enrolled myself and my kids in Russian language classes. And Ballet too… and Chess.

  13. Guy Bague

    In fairness, there have been Irish Referendum results that the Irish Government ignored too – and reran until they got the result they wanted.

  14. badatmemes

    Shayna, it’s blokes like you who make me regret not adopting a ‘female’ pseudonym.
    The stuff you get away with….
    Talking about yourself…
    Talking about yourself…
    … a bitta GAA….

    Do you do requests?
    I have one.

    1. badatmemes

      Okay then… don’t answer.
      See if I care.

      I was only waiting for you respond in a self-reflective manner and then I was going to answer you with the line….
      ‘Now That’s What I Call Northern Iron(y)’

      It would’ve been funny.
      It doesn’t matter.

      1. Shayna

        It’s interesting you think I’m using a pseudonym, “upside down guy, badatmemes,etc”. It turns out that’s my real name, also – I’m not a bloke.
        I’m of an age where I’ve experienced life, and occasionally indulge in sharing my experiences.
        So sorry about how I begin my sentences, perhaps it’s not to everyone’s taste. It appears it offends you, just as referencing, “Nordy, Nordie” offends me.
        My interest in the GAA is because of my father (RIP).
        I do hope this clears up the matter. All the best for the rest of your teenage life.

          1. Pat Kenny's wife

            You’re right. How they let this twit post on here with his endless stream of invective is one of the least satisfying aspects of the site

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