It’s Boxy And It’s Lost


TheRichList writes:

We have lost a set of keys between Rathmines and Rathgar with a Volvo key attached to it, same as in the photo (above) .If someone find them, could you please hand in to Rathmines Garda station?

There are another three keys attached to it and a swipe for a gate. Any help appreciated!


Any excuse

19 thoughts on “It’s Boxy And It’s Lost

  1. Fashion

    It’s one of those silly Friday posts. In fact it’s someone with a relatively bog standard car thinking because they live in studentville aka Rathmines/Rathgar that everyone here will think that they are loaded.

    If it were Ranelagh or Dublin 4 (except Ringsend) I’d say something.

    1. rotide

      It’s clearly been a while since you’ve been to Rathgar if you think that’s studentville.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      what the hell is wrong with all this box ticking attitude ?
      who cares what you’ve got ?
      what colour is your soul ?

  2. TheRichList

    The keys have been returned without reward, scratched car or flat wheels, thanks to a kind stranger.
    Thanks for all your kind words and support. This post has really reinforced my belief in society.

    1. TheRichList

      Really weird. Someone wanted to scratch the car because the made an assumption because of the location of where the keys were lost. Someone else made the assumption we have gates to keep “keep out the plebs”, the swipe for gate are for work.
      I would genuinely like to meet these halfwits in real life for a coffee to see what’s going on in their life to make them so very bitter and angry.
      I’m available all week .

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