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RTÉ Investigates – Greyhounds, Running for Their Lives.

Via RTÉ:

The Irish Greyhound Board paid consultancy firm Preferred Results Ltd €115,000 to prepare a business analysis report in 2017.

It stated that 16,000 greyhounds are born each year, of which 5,987 are killed because they fail to make qualification times or their performance declines.

The report estimated 1000% more pups are bred than racing actually needs.

It proposed comprehensive reforms which were not adopted by the IGB.

Across the country RTÉ Investigates looked for evidence of what happened the unwanted dogs.

30 licensed knackeries in Ireland were contacted and – half of them, 15, said they would kill greyhounds for prices ranging from €10 to €35 each….

RTÉ Investigates – Greyhounds, Running for Their Lives at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

Pic: RTÉ

arranarran-30x40-1 arran-30x40-2arran-30x40-3

From top: Arran Smyth, and his ‘Nature Pak Picture’ ink jet paintings, €25 each

Arran Smyth is seven years old and from Dublin.

Arran writes:

My dad has helped me make a website, so I can sell prints of my drawings from my shop and give the money to Homes For Unwanted Greyhounds.

I really love greyhounds and I want to look after a greyhound someday.

I already have a dog called Mr Bojangles. He is a sheepdog.

Thank you, everybody.

Arran Smyth

Irish-made ‘Stocking Fillers’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No charge.


Great Hounds In Need write:

“Two years ago we took approx 30 dogs from a hell hole with the help of other rescues. One died, one had a fractured skull, all had fleas, a few were shut down mentally. We have word of approximately 15 greyhounds who need all our help quickly, two young ones with broken legs (probably never had any veterinary treatment or setting), varying ages and sexes, these poor souls are in an awful state and have been given no chance of life or happiness.

“It’s up to us all to pull together and make this misery end for these lovely gentle dogs. We have no more details and given our experience the last time we won’t get them till the dogs are in our care. Please help, we need spaces fast. Please share this with other rescues time is of the essence. We will also need donations for kennel spaces, thank you. We need you. Contact: info@greathounds.eu or 0870987064.”

Great Hounds In Need