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  1. Increasing Displacement


    “Elected official not chosen for his expertise in a specific area is poopy at job”

      1. Increasing Displacement

        So you’re saying it the civil servants fault these numbers dont fall into the hands of our elected officials?
        So you’re saying it doesn’t matter if elected officials have any experience in the specific role they occupy?

        1. b

          I’d be willing to venture that the reason the numbers are late are down to some inefficiency in the civil service or new difficulty in verifying the data, something whoever is reshuffled into Minister of dept won’t solve overnight

          It would be great if we had experienced CEO-like Ministers who know their portfolios but our electoral system doesn’t allow for that – even when we manage some type of experience fit the Doctors in charge or Health or Lawyers in charge of Justice have hardly done stellar jobs, have they?

          1. Boj

            What a weird defense! The buck stops with the highly paid minister and the highly paid minister should be held responsible for success and failure, that’s how it works. He had 4 months notice.

          2. b

            why doesn’t the buck ever stop at the highly paid secretary of the dept?

            i mean, the numbers were late under conveney too, so who’s at fault?

            I have never understood why we constantly call for the head of the minister no matter what party his is from when there’s a failing in his department – the underperforming civil servants never take the blame.

          3. Boj

            The buck doesn’t stop at the secretary because they are not in charge! Late numbers under Coveney are Coveney’s responsibility. Also, you have just said it yourself “when there is a failing in his department”…his department! Did the back office workers in Ryanair apologise for their scheduling mishap…NO, it was the head honcho. Why? Because it’s his job and he is responsible for the goings on in the company.

          4. b

            to use your Ryanair analogy, the COO was ‘retired’ and replaced after that fiasco and the CEO kept his job

            in a govt department the COO is the secretary who is reponsible for day to day operations and the CEO is the Minister in charge of overall strategy

          5. Increasing Displacement

            “It would be great if we had experienced CEO-like Ministers who know their portfolios”

            We don’t need that, we need people experienced in the area they are overseeing. Are you too slow to recognise that?

            Oh no wait i see from the rest of your comments you’re just an apologist.

            HIS DEPT. HIS FAULT. If we held them accountable for their failures we’d actually get somewhere.

      2. scottser

        it may come as some surprise to you, but highly paid civil servants are often crap at their jobs too. the ones who do any actual work are senior staff officers down to clerical grades.

  2. Steve


    Blaming minister for administrative officer in his / her department not publishing stats on time is fake news

  3. Cian

    The minister is responsible for the Department.
    The Department relies on data coming in from the Local Authorities.

    Does the minister has any responsibility/control over the Local Authorities or the public servants there?

    If a Local Authority is late providing data what should the Minister do?

    1. Yep

      + 1

      Very interesting piece and the linked pieces also hit home (pun intended) in relation to our current situation. I would add this one.


      There seems to be no innovative approaches that have made any headway in Ireland. The idea behind Alejandro Aravena’s designs makes a lot of sense to me. It would put people in homes at a minimal cost quickly with the scope for the property to grow and with it the value.

      Instead we got the modular homes…..It is hard not to think vested interest drive our housing policy.

      1. Otis Blue

        You’d think construction was a sector that Ireland could have built a real competitive advantage in. Sadly not. Little will to innovate, it seems. Much better to suck on the teat of the tax payer.

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