Where It Hurts




Right in the bonus.

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10 thoughts on “Where It Hurts

  1. realPolithicks

    Why is there no talk of prosecution for these individuals? Ireland simply does not take “white collar crime” seriously which is why these things keep happening.

  2. Truth in the News

    The Minister for Fiance has wide powers in relation to Banks, and they can take
    steps to revoke a Banking licence and so have the Central Bank, why are these
    powers not being exercised

  3. Eoin

    Bang on the money Catherine, as always, but then we’d have the only honest banking system in the world. It requires political backbone to make that step. But for sure, fining banks does nothing, when they can just add those fines to the next bailout bill. And the next crisis is just around the corner cos the casino was not closed after 2008. Even the IMF has listed nine systemically dangerous banks that are already having issues and any one could take out the globally interconnected financial system. That’s up from one bank (Deutsche Bank and their shocking derivatives book) last year that they were banging on about. Though the next time these psychopaths need their institutions bailed out the bill will be way too big for even a sovereign state to foot the bill. Our bonds are only good cos Draghi is printing Euros like confetti and buying them up anyway.

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