Today’s Irish Sun

Further to yesterday’s dramatic arrest.

Rumpole writes:

Why have most of today’s papers dispensed with any of the legal niceties usually necessary when reporting stories like this? The arrested man is a suspect in a number of crimes. As he has been charged isn’t it up to the courts to decide his guilt and wouldn’t this coverage prejudice a trial?  Perhaps your learned friend Legal Coffee Drinker can put me right?


Yesterday: Arrested In Citywest

15 thoughts on “Due Process

  1. anne

    “dispenced with the legal niceties” huh? He went on a bit of a rampage after snorting a truckload of coke.. it’s not really in dispute like.

    1. Ram Trilogy

      How’d you know he was on the sweet bag?

      I do it every week for last 15 years. Never once made me angry…

  2. Pat Flanagan

    Haven’t you guys just done the same thing what The Sun done? Just cos they did it first is neither here nor there.

  3. Barry the Hatchet

    Was he charged before this was published? I thought he was still being questioned. Sub judice contempt only applies here after charges have been brought.

      1. rotide

        Gerry, I’m sure if you thought about it really really hard you may just be able to come up with a reason or two why a guard wearing plain clothes might want to keep his identiy somewhat quiet.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        I have – and there are no excuses for it. However, I mistakenly believed the subject was “reporting”.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    Doesn’t make his crimes ok, Sheik. A lot of people were traumatised by his actions yesterday.
    Or are you going to make the usual excuses like deprivation to justify his behaviour?

    Many of the Irish left (of which you are a member) seem very blase about the effect of violent crime on victims. And how it can mentally scar people for ages afterwards.

  5. Chris

    It’s nothing to do with excusing the actions of this guy to point out how class comes into coverage of crime.
    The careful language around the tracker mortgage CRIME, that actually drove more than a few to suicide, the bankers committed is but one example!

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