You can’t say they don’t earn their money.


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37 thoughts on “New Hashtag

    1. Rob

      So do you think we should come up with another USP instead of depending on FDI? The exposure to FDI is far too much.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Who is the jobs minister these days? Obviously not trusted. Or is it a case that Leo likes to visit the states – his partner’s locality, so get there as many times as possible courtesy of the tax payer.

    2. martco

      well rumour has it that Tim Cook will certainly be ensuring the fields of Athenry remain as fields

  1. Spammer

    Irish advantage:
    5 to a room letting in Cabra
    Double decker buses instead of trains
    Beggars everywhere
    Homelessness at record levels
    Scumbag politicians getting away with murder everywhere….

  2. TheFerg

    Would love a BS in-depth piece on his work to date.
    I’m a big fan, but sometimes feel like a lot of the liberal regulars here aren’t, which I don’t even remotely understand.
    (I’m an ex-pat in London)

    1. Brother Barnabas

      What do you like about him, Ferg?

      How about 3 things he’s done that deserve special acclaim?

      1. TheFerg

        Fair enough lads, here goes…

        #1 Let us very briefly recap on our last three leaders’ work experierence outside of politics:
        – 3 months as a primary teacher (Enda)
        – barman (Brian)
        – low level clerk (Bertie)
        I think it’s safe to say that a qualified doctor has had better training in complex systems, has insights into the health care system……let’s not argue this….
        In a nutshell – he has proven dedication and intelligence.

        #2 Within a few weeks of taking office he pledged to hold a ref on the 8th next year. This needed to be done and it took man marbles to do it.

        #3 He was instantly all over the banks regarding the tracker scandal. This would usually have taken years and resulted in zip. He cut through the poop and is getting things done for the average citizen.

        #4 (BONUS!) He looks and acts like a leader.
        I tell people in London about him – he’s addressing our super-conservative abortion laws, crackin’ down on the banks where they’d screwed people, he’s a smart bloke and doesn’t have the the tell-tale red cheeks of a heavy boozer like the last three.

        #5 (Extra-bonus, but not an achievement) I’m not too worried about how it sounds, but it raises eyebrows overseas, in a very positive way, that he’s gay and half-Indian. It shouldn’t matter, but it does and reflects very well on the country.

        These are my opinions of him four months into the job – high rents, addiction, the homeless etc are long term and difficult problems.

        1. Ron

          Ireland will always be the backward country it is with voters like Ferg. the really scary part is that there are thousands more like him.

          1. TheFerg

            Ron, I’ve a sneeky suspicion that I’m a little older than you. I remember when Ireland was as poor as Albania and we were socially a “european Iran”.
            – contraception was banned
            – a man could legally rape his wife
            – gay activity was techically illegal
            – drinking yourself to death was normal
            – etc….
            But now….
            FIRST for the smoking ban
            FIRST for a female president to be re-elected
            FIRST to vote for marriage equality
            FIRST for US european headquarters
            Also first to address historic atrocities, whether it be church child abuse or Tuam, but we broke the silence worldwide.

            And you say “Backward”?!

            As per my original post I’m an expat in London, so not a voter. I’m asking BS to review Leo’s first 4 months because I’m not a political jouro and they are. As I see it he’s doing a good job, but I might be wrong.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          Don’t see the 3 things he’s done that deserve acclaim, Ferg.

          No. 2 – announced intention to hold a referendum on the 8th. That was already in the pipeline… and let’s wait and see how energetically he campaigns for it; I’m guessing he’ll be on the fence.

          All the other points you make (he’s more intelligent, better image than predecessors and portrays more progressive image of country) are all positive, but have zilch to do with performance. He’s an empty vessel. He’s done next to nothing since becoming Taoiseach.

          1. TheFerg

            Re #2, I’d say that Enda was kickin it down the line, but Leo actually called it. But you’re right that he’ll be on the fence, but I think that’s the smart,(for want of a better word), political thing to do.

          1. Warden of the Snort

            You won’t get one here Ferg, just slimy creep self-righteous toad here for the most part, also lickspittles to far left extremist losers, a bunch of hideous virtue signallers just waiting to crawl over anyone with a moderately conservative opinion and then my favourite, the obsessive conspiracy nutcases/anti-women losers and haters.

    2. Yep

      Please, enlighten us as to why you are a “big fan”?

      Is it the running from Health because he couldn’t get a guarantee of extra funding?…After proclaiming money wasn’t the problem. That’s highlight reel for me.

  3. Eoin

    Meh, petrodollar is on it’s way out, soon to be followed by the dollar itself as worlds reserve currency. I think it’s high time we actually stopped and looked at the writing on the wall and started kissing Russian and Chinese ass instead of US ass. Follow the Germans.

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