Juli Briskman was fired by her employer after flipping off Trump’s motorcade.

An American woman was seen
Disrespecting the Trump limousine
When her firm saw the pics
They acted like pricks
And flushed her job down the latrine.

John Moynes

Pic: AFP

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20 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Rob_G

      Sorry, how exactly is this Trump’s fault? Her company quite possibly would have fired her if a photo of her flipping the bird at Obama or Biden or any other elected official went viral.

      People have the right to say what they like, but they also have to realise that their actions will sometimes have consequences.

      1. Nigel

        I feel like such a hypocrite on this issue because I feel bad for her getting fired for flipping off Trump but I cheer out loud when when I heard about people getting fired for hanging Obama in effigy.

        1. Gah!

          You shouldn’t feel like a hypocrite. There is a massive difference between someone giving the finger and someone creating a lynching scene with an effigy. One is someone giving the finger and the other is a racist lunatic! Chances are they were scary to work with and their colleagues were delighted to see them go. I know I’m presuming a lot but it is not normal to have lynched effigies in your possession for even a nanosecond.

  1. jimmey_russell

    this is literally rape, there is no other word for it. that brave woman is a hero, just like that chinaman who stood in front of the thanks back in the olden days. it’s 2017 you should be able to express yourself freely without consequence this is no different from nazi germany and drumpf is literally the hitler of the whole thing

    1. Jim Bob Julius

      But not really.

      Everyone knows that giving him the finger would not get you shot, chinese tanks are another thing.

      Nice to see though that in your attempt to come off as a socially aware warrior for justice, you decide its OK to equate being German with being a Nazi. You do know that they are not the same thing, don’t you.

      Maybe get an adult to assist before posting in future.

    2. Gah!

      jimmey-russell there are two words for it – unfair dismissal. Please call it by more appropriate terms. Likening it to a very serious violent crime is silly and undermines everything else you say, not that that wasn’t silly also. And please, for the love of all that’s holy, look up the meaning of ‘literally’.

      1. Rob_G

        Jimmy is a troll, and best not to be heeded…

        However, this lady worked in a public relations role (for a federal contractor, no less), and in some jobs, things that you say/actions that you do, even outside of a working context, can have an impact on your suitability for a job.

        If I decided to call an elected official a c-word, and it was broadcast around the world, I would probably be fired, too – that’s the way it goes.

    3. Nigel

      Guys, Jimmy is a parody of a right-wing troll parodying an sjw. Or something like that. He’s trapped in a maze of mirrors and has our thoughts and prayers.

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