Love, Fear And The Eighth


Shane Casey writes:

We recently carried out a vox pop on the streets of Dublin city to ask the general public about the fears that some people have on the legalisation of abortion. I think you’ll find the responses interesting.

Dublin Chat Online TV

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11 thoughts on “Love, Fear And The Eighth

  1. postmanpat

    Check out the gobpoo just before half way in. The pro-life guy in the leather jacket who has to be told what pro-choice/ pro-life means. What a tool !!!

  2. Dee

    As someone who is pro-choice this video was heartening and surprising. Many foreign accents there – let’s hope they can vote!
    Can I ask the maker, how many he interviewed and how many he cut from the edit?

  3. HappyVibes

    And how about when the woman would prefer to keep it? … carrying a child for 9 months is one thing and that can’t be shared unfortunately but to bring a child into this world against the wishes of the father is a discussion that should be had in tandem.

    I’ve tested this question with some women and the answer tends to be the man lost that right when he engaged in intercourse…lovely and routed in the modern wave social justice.

    1. Nigel

      Yeah, you see the right to choose goes both ways. How much of say the man gets in the decision is up to the woman.

  4. Frances Higgins

    Heartened by this video! would love to see the same questions posed on the streets of the West and North West ……please!!!

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