Fresh Chat To Your Door


Happy view year!

A hug-many to, clockwise from top left: Kevin Higgins, Vanessa Foran, Neil Curran, Olga Cronin and ‘Preposterous‘, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show can be viewed in its entirety above.

Slightly marred by no shows from Johnny Keenan (“Australian Flu”) and Fianna Fáil’s Derek Mooney (“amnesia”), the first Broadsheet on the Telly of 2018 featured Galway-based poet Kevin (poor audio – sorry) discussing his suspension from the UK Labour Party and the entire panel sharing their hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Some ‘blue’ language.


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16 thoughts on “Fresh Chat To Your Door

  1. adolf von sausage

    it’s the same heads every week. lack of differing opinions. Ye should all wear repeal T-shirts.

    1. anne

      And the same whingers. They have the same regulars & some featured guests like you see on most tv chat shows.

  2. ivan

    Preposterous looks like somebody deflated Tom Waits and couldn’t find the pump when it came to putting him right again…

  3. Topsy

    Why would you want Derek “The FF apologist” Mooney on the show. What could he offer that he didn’t contribute to FF Reprobates.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I’d say he rang in sick
      The eFFers are straddling in very durty water at the moment
      Direct Fianna Fail activity in Paedophilia and now McEniff is named in the Mary Boyle murder cover up

      Old Fashioned Fianna Fail kúntology spanning the entire breath of the country, from the North West right down to the South East
      And all during the time Derek Mooney was active in the Party

      Everyone’s back to work on Monday
      And the eFFers are going to be tortured
      They’ll be almost begging for a Bertie scandal to break
      While winking over at the Shinners and flirting like randy hens in a Kilkenny late night chipper

      I can’t help tink’in that Charlie Flanagan is deliberately keeping the Kennelly victims in the news
      Sorry lads, ye deserve better
      But these main parties and their associated political professionals and advisors all have a single motive
      Keep their jobs

      1. some old queen

        Direct Fianna Fail activity in Paedophilia and now McEniff is named in the Mary Boyle murder cover up

        I live in my own world so.

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