Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (left) and Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

Our house prices now are so bad
That they’re making millenials sad
But there’s no need to weep
As long as you keep
In the good books of your mum and dad.

John Moynes


14 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. The Ghost of Starina

    “Sometimes people go abroad and earn money. Others get money from their parents. Lots of us did…Sometimes people stay at home for a period and raise a deposit in that way.”

    All of these options represent a type of hardship, or parents who have a magic pot of money. What about those of us whose parents only have enough to look after their own retirement? Or who already live in Ireland FROM abroad and can’t move in with their parents/don’t want to move to yet another country? Or people who can’t live with their parents due to location or having a poor relationship?

    Ridiculous numpty. If house prices and rent weren’t both so inflated, it would be so much easier to save up for that monster deposit.

  2. Col

    There is no solution other than increasing supply to meet demand. The government don’t want to do this. I don’t know why they claim to care, they should just announce:
    “House prices are going to continue to go up. The majority of young people can no longer expect to own their own homes. We will do nothing. Deal with it.”

    1. ahjayzis

      “There is no solution other than increasing supply to meet demand.”

      Yes, because as well all remember, when supply was at it’s highest ever, ten or so years ago, house prices were super affordable, two times salary max….

        1. Col

          Actually, I clearly don’t understand the market. This is from the independent:

          “Dr Lorcan Sirr, senior lecturer in housing studies at DIT, said that while increasing supply is important, it “is not the only answer out there”.

          He said a number of “myths” were being put forward: “A myth that’s propagated is that increasing supply will bring down house prices. No, it won’t.”


  3. Otis Blue

    It seems that they’ll do anything other reduce construction costs to make housing more affordable.

  4. phil

    You might as well stop asking, FG follow their ideology , and they will not interfere in the market . their purpose is to enrich a subset of this society , not the same subset FF would enrich , but they way they look at it , its their turn

  5. ahjayzis

    It’s an outright betrayal of his generation. We may never have the security or affordability of housing our parents had, but as long as your parents are rich and generous you’ll be fine – Fupp the rest, sure it did the Victorians no harm.

    So much for the younger, fresher face of Fine Gael.

  6. ollie

    legislation to give central bank the power to set interest rates still hasn’t been signed into law, it was promised last summer.

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