From top Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar with Michelle Hennessy (left) and Roseanne RooBeek from Reuters and being interviewed by Axel Threfall on Reuters media about Ireland’s economy and our global presence at Davos, Switzerland.

This morning.

World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Mr Varadkar said he hoped that the ultimate [UK/EU] free trade arrangement could resemble “Norway Plus”, but that it would have to be a “specific” agreement.

The kind of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) envisaged has generally been regarded as following a spectrum between the EU-Canada agreement, which reduces tariffs but has little by way of services, and the EU-Norway arrangement, where Norway has virtually full access to the Single Market, but has to abide by all EU rules and pay into the EU budget.

However, speaking on Bloomberg TV during his first full day at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort, Mr Varadkar said that neither Norway nor Canada were appropriate models.

‘Norway plus’ model for UK may be possible, Taoiseach says (Tony Connelly, RTÉ)

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24 thoughts on “Ask Me Swiss

  1. dav

    wonder if vardakar will use his “homelessness is acceptable” speech. It’ll probably go down well with billionaires..

    1. Yeah, Ok

      Oh look, it’s dav shoehorning homelessness into another unrelated topic.

      Is he attending the World Homelessness Forum? Do you really want a single issue leader? Ireland is coming across fantastically well in the Brexit talks but you’d rather if the only thing our politicians ever talked about was homelessness… I think you’re taking the P at this stage.

      He never said homelessness is acceptable. No one has ever said that.
      “…obviously homelessness and the number of people in emergency accommodation has increased over the last number of years, but by international standards homeless in Ireland is low but that is not good enough. We want to turn the tide on it.” – what he actually said.

      If you live your life by soundbites you’ll never appreciate that life is complex.

      1. dav

        look it’s leos Strategic Communications Unit, trying to silence homelessnees crisis with their “it’s not a crisis” approach.

        1. Yeah, Ok

          Haha. You really are deluded. He literally said “that is not good enough” right there in the quoted section.

          Not everyone who disagrees with you is the enemy. Not everyone is evil. Not everything is about the homeless. Not everything is black and white.

          Seriously, what do you actually want him to say? Who do you vote for? Since everyone is a blueshirt in your eyes let’s hear who gets your precious 1 come voting time.

          1. Yeah, Ok

            Dav is right about what, that Varadkar should give a speech about our local homeless issue during Brexit talks at the World Economic Forum? Why on earth would he do that?

            The only whining here is by dav, incessantly, on every post and on a completely irrelevant topic to the one usually at hand.

            Edit: I was replying to justsayinlike’s now deleted comment that dav is right and I was on a whiney rant.

          2. Yeah, Ok


            I’m glad we’ve established the level you’re at dav. Back to the books, your mocks are coming up.

          3. dav

            saying that, a speech about homelessness to the billionaires and his lack of support in fighting the crisis would help cement Leo’s credibility with the billionaires – “here’s a uy who would happy see his own citizens out on the streets, while fighting tooth and nail to get apple off a €13billion tax bill”…

      1. Taunton

        He said something during the week about mortgages, or have ye already forgotten how hopping mad ye got about it.

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