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  1. Liam Knuj

    The bike parking spaces may not disappear. The pink metal “car” is there to show that you can fit several bikes into one car parking space. Dublin City Council moves it on after a while but generally replaces it with ordinary bike racks in the same place.

    1. Rob_G

      I mean – that’s good news that it will probably still be bike racks – but why do they go to all the trouble to replace with pink car bike racks with regular bike racks? They serve the same function…

      1. Cian

        That one looks temporary. Kept in place with 4 screws.

        It can be thrown in place in a few minutes. If they find it is in a useful place then it can be replaced with a permanent one that is anchored more securely. If it isn’t used it can be taken away again

    2. Mr. Camomile T

      There are only two of those car-shaped bike racks in Dublin as far as I know (they’re quite expensive). They’re used by Dublin City Council’s “Beta” department to analyse the potential impact of a bike rack on a particular street or zone. Once the trial period is over the car rack is moved to a new location and, depending on the success of the study period, a permanent bike rack is installed.
      Cyclehoop is the company that makes these car-shaped racks, along with other cool cycle parking products: https://www.cyclehoop.com/product/racks/car-bike-port/

  2. essosea

    As someone mentioned above, I think these bike racks are put in and DCC keeps an eye on their usage , often the spaces are replaced with permanent racks.

  3. Nullzero

    You can lock a bike anywhere, not something you can do when it comes to parking a car. Hardly something to get up in arms over, we’ll at for those of us who don’t have cameras on our heads “just in case”.

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