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This afternoon.

At 34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1, which has been occupied by housing activists for 11 days.

Crowds gather in support of the activists after the High Court yesterday ordered those in the house to leave it by 2pm today.

Group occupying Dublin property ordered to leave by judge (The Irish Times)

Yesterday: ‘Hitting 10,000 Doesn’t Tell Us Anything That Hitting 9,000 Didn’t Tell Us’

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Pics: Ronan Lowther and Dublin Central Housing Action and Timbo and Rollingnews

Further to reports of a tenant and a number of housing activists having been forcibly removed from 52, Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1 (above) on Sunday, January 28, by landlord Paul Howard [not of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly fame] and a number of men…

Sham Fynan writes:

Dublin Digital Radio have launched their new podcast Current. Current will be a new weekly podcast covering a range of social, political and cultural issues.

Our first episode features a representative from Dublin Central Housing Action talking about their role in the Paul Howard saga and what’s next for tenants. We reckon it’s something that your listeners will enjoy.

Dublin Digital Radio (Facebook)

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