Do You Know Michael Stone?


No, not him.

This morning

Herber Rowan writes:

I found the wallet of Micheal Stone in the middle of the road in front from the four courts. if you know him please get in touch…



23 thoughts on “Do You Know Michael Stone?

    1. Rob_G

      It’s funny that he actually looks not unlike the more notorious Michael Stone (albeit more svelte and with nicer hair).

  1. David

    This is getting ridiculous. Is Broadsheet really the only way you can think of to get in touch with this guy?

  2. Sean

    I once sat in a seat on the Dublin to Belfast train and realised half way through that it was reserved for Michael Stone. At the time I nearly shat myself but now I’m hoping that it was this loveable tyke and not the big man himself returning from day release to Maghaberry Prison. Either way, neither Mr Stone turned up to claim their seat and I had a pleasant journey looking out to sea along the Meath-Louth coastline.

    1. Neilo

      I once engaged in a lengthy, delightful conversation on the Dublin-Belfast train with an erudite and entertaining fellow who, ahmmm, had a lengthy residence in a Crossbar Hotel in south London before he availed of an early checkout, if you know what I mean. The chap invited me for a pint in the very pub in Drogheda where a pipe bomb was found only last month. I’d elaborate further but I’ve used up my store of Conversations With The ‘RA anecdotes for the time being.

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