Rolling Stones announce Croke Park summer gig (RTÉ)


10 thoughts on “Start Me Up

  1. Sir Adolf Von Bratwurst

    The talk in the pub last night from someone who knows is that Taylor Swift is having difficulty selling tickets for her second night.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Dublin subject to licence… I wouldn’t hold my breath!

    And I can’t imagine getting much change from €100 for even the worst tickets.

    1. ivan

      Given that Buble is charging 130 plus fees for upper hogan stand, you’re probably right.

      Planning docs appear to show a ‘front of pitch’ and regular pitch configuration; would think regular pitch will be reasonable ish but if you want a seat, or be able to count wrinkles (not via a screen) you’ll pay handsomely alright.

      On the other hand, (and I’ll declare fandom here) they’ve perhaps forgotten more about putting on a good show than many other bands actually remember, so there’s that, if y’get me drift…

      1. Martco

        I’ve never understood why anyone would pay €€€ to see their heroes on an outdoor large screen TV with crap sound. Row Z only worth €50 at most, if u can’t get close up save your funds & forget it imo

    1. Rob_G

      I saw them in Slane in 2007 – they were ok, but nowhere near worth the €100 I paid for the ticket.

      I wouldn’t go and see them in Croke Park; the acoustics there are not well suited to concerts at all.

  3. Martco

    wonder what’s the story with Slane thought there’d def be a gig there this year & thought it would be a Stones return

    Buble tickets are struggling apparently still plenty for sale, Croker just too expensive??

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