Baby’s First Hostel


A photo shared by RTE’s Morning Ireland reporter Louise Byrne this morning showing hostel accommodation for a new baby 

Charity DePaul has said it has seen a rise in the number of pregnant women accessing their services and witnessed women going into “labour in a one-night only hostel, to then go into hospital and to not know where she can come back to”.

Meanwhile, there are no national figures available for the number of newborn babies who leave hospital to live in homeless accommodation.

The Department of Housing, the Health Service Executive and the Dublin Region Homeless Executive have all confirmed that the number of children in such circumstances is not being collated at a national level.

In a statement, the DRHE said there is a “collaborative support system in place involving homeless services and health and family support services.

“There are a range of specific supported temporary accommodation and family hub type facilities for women with children, including newborns.

“All new mothers are contacted by the public health nurse following the birth of the baby,” it added.

In a statement, the #mynameis campaign, which raises awareness of child homelessness, criticised the absence of national figures.

We have spoken about the indignity of treating children as just statistics but it appears that newborns born into homelessness are not even making it as far as a statistic.

“The State is effectively turning a blind eye to thousands of children,” it added.

Increase in pregnant women accessing homeless hostels (RTÉ)

Pic via Louise Byrne

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  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    At least you could press his little trousers. No excuse not to have a neat pleat, I find.

      1. Neilo

        Are ‘Fatcher’ or ‘blushirt’ behind every facet of all that you disdain in this world? People enjoy a little levity sometimes. There’s a fairly dark joke on the Pro-Life Pattern thread that actual grown-ups can appreciate, even if the subject matter is quite near the knuckle. Policing gags is outside our wheelhouse. Don’t be a fun-killer, buddy!

        Sincerely, with bony fingers reaching for your soul from beyond the grave

        Eoin O’Duffy and Keith Joseph


        1. dav

          leaping to the defence of someone who makes jokes at the expense of homeless babies, how sociopathic of you..

          1. Neilo

            I’m more admiring of the sustained Dave Spart LARP than acting in defence of anyone, to be honest.

      2. david

        A very apt comment of life under Leo the cheque is in the post varadka
        I would say during the famine there were less homeless in Ireland
        This country has developed into a vile place

        1. dav

          it’s a great place for doing business, especially if you are a vulture fund or tax dodging corporate..

          1. Rob_G

            Broadsheet should just post a big picture of Leo every day as bait; then both of you can just comment back and forth among yourselves on it, and not clog up the rest of the rest of the posts with your unvarying commentary.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark


        We all laughed. We’re all going to hell together, along with all the abortionists.

    1. realPolithicks

      What a shocker that wingnuts like jake and clampers would ask a question like this! Since you’re so concerned the “daddy” lives with his family in this tiny hotel room so he probably isn’t doing too well.

  2. Anne

    I don’t understand why all these people aren’t relocated to the vacant completed houses outside Dublin? If I was homeless I would jump at the chance for one of these. Better quality of life and lower cost of living too… why are they not being offered to homeless families? Or are they and they are not being taken (if this is the case zero sympathy with anyone who turns down a home).

    1. Dermie

      Agreed. But I think a lot of them are offered but refused. If this were to be the case then they should put to the back of the housing list….

    2. david

      You assume they did not take up the generous offer
      Nothing in this article of the mother refusing a home
      And these mythical houses are they next to thugs criminals are they fit for living is there infrastructure ?

      1. Anne

        The houses I’m referring to are those mentioned in a news article this week. They are in Mayo. Haven’t heard much about violent thugs roaming Mayo.A quick google shows the estate is a 20 min walk from Ennis town center which has plenty of amenities. Better quality of life than living in a shabby hostel. If they haven’t been offered one of these homes then they should be as a matter of urgency as they have young families and new babies. However if they don’t move it shows a total disregard for their children who could be have a home, local school, a normal life and I would take them off the list for housing altogether and quite frankly wouldn’t care less about them. Plenty of Irish people have had to emigrate due to an inability to live and work in Ireland. Surely a move to Mayo a few hours from Dublin where they will have a home and the cost of living is lower is an opportunity for a better life they should jump at.

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