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Planning application notice for 15, Usher’s Island, Dublin 8

During this ongoing debate about the repatriation of James Joyce’s body, the developers Fergus McCabe and Brian Stynes have submitted an application to convert 15 Usher’s Island – the house in which Joyce’s story, The Dead, is set – into a 56-room hostel replete with a cafe.

If Dublin and the Dublin City Council truly want to honour Joyce, their energies would be better spent on devising a better plan for this house, rather than wasting time on the misguided business of repatriation (as has been well documented in these pages).

Joyce conceived and wrote The Dead in his self-imposed exile at a point when he began to miss his abandoned city.

As a result, it is less caustic than the other stories in Dubliners and, while still critical, shows a sincere and abiding appreciation of “Irish hospitality”.

This underlying affection is one of many reasons why this story is often considered the greatest short story in the English language.

On the other hand, McCabe and Stynes’s application exemplifies the very reasons why Joyce left Ireland, “the old sow that eats her farrow”.

Dr Sam Slote,
Associate Professor,
School of English,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2.


A better plan for the house of The Dead (Irish Times letters page)

Yesterday: 10,397

A photo shared by RTE’s Morning Ireland reporter Louise Byrne this morning showing hostel accommodation for a new baby 

Charity DePaul has said it has seen a rise in the number of pregnant women accessing their services and witnessed women going into “labour in a one-night only hostel, to then go into hospital and to not know where she can come back to”.

Meanwhile, there are no national figures available for the number of newborn babies who leave hospital to live in homeless accommodation.

The Department of Housing, the Health Service Executive and the Dublin Region Homeless Executive have all confirmed that the number of children in such circumstances is not being collated at a national level.

In a statement, the DRHE said there is a “collaborative support system in place involving homeless services and health and family support services.

“There are a range of specific supported temporary accommodation and family hub type facilities for women with children, including newborns.

“All new mothers are contacted by the public health nurse following the birth of the baby,” it added.

In a statement, the #mynameis campaign, which raises awareness of child homelessness, criticised the absence of national figures.

We have spoken about the indignity of treating children as just statistics but it appears that newborns born into homelessness are not even making it as far as a statistic.

“The State is effectively turning a blind eye to thousands of children,” it added.

Increase in pregnant women accessing homeless hostels (RTÉ)

Pic via Louise Byrne


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Citizen Whinger tweetz:

The filthy alternative accommodation offered to Apollo House inmates by Simon Coveney and co. If Fine Gael find it acceptable then house swap?

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Meanwhile in Cork…


Inside the Brú Aimsir Hostel in November and outside the hostel this morning

You may recall the opening of the Dublin City Council-run Brú Aimsir Hostel at the Digital Hub on Thomas Street, Dublin 8 last November – as part of the council’s Cold Weather Initiative.

The 100-bed facility is now to close with 50 beds already closed, while the 42-bed John’s Lane West hostel is to also close.

In response to the closure, a group of homeless people is now occupying the building, while the Irish Housing Network is holding a demonstration outside the Dublin City Council offices on Wood Quay.

In a statement, residents of Brú said:

“Thank you for your support, please continue to do so – it could be you next week. We feel as though the dogs on the street are treated better than us. They are taken in and put in shelters so they are not roaming the streets, but the Government are willing to let people roam the streets every day.”

“One woman here came from a women’s refuse due to domestic violence. She has severe mental and medical health issues and relies heavily on Brú’s services since the beginning of March.”

“She has been approved for H.A.P. (Housing Assistance Payment) with South Dublin County Council, but is finding it extremely difficult to find anywhere suitable for her and her 12-year-old son.”

Suitable accommodation before closing John’s Lane West (Facebook)

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Pic: Rollingnews and Richard Chambers

dorm_1Do you own a hostel/guest house in Dublin?

Andrew Graham writes

Is there something on in Dublin this weekend that us culchies down in Limerick wouldn’t know about? We’re going to a concert Saturday night [Julio Bashmore at the Button Factory, Temple Bar]and can’t find a bed anywhere. There’s no rooms in any hostels.Anywhere wants a minimum stay of 4 nights. There is 4 of us, potentially 5! €25-€30 each. Preferably with 4 of us in a room together cos we don’t want to cause any disruption coming in after it at 4am-ish. Any idea of where to go? I’ve tried all the usual websites



Pic herbert lodge hostel, Dublin

Paddy doesn’t like Paddy.

An Irish publican has said he is no longer willing to take Irish backpackers at his Queensland hostel due to a spate of drunken and disorderly behaviour in recent years.

Dublin-born Thomas Dunne claims several incidents have caused chaos for longstanding members of the Irish community in the locality.

He said he has had to continuously deal with property damage caused specifically by the Irish contingent of guests at his hostel, Main Street Backpackers.

Mr Dunne, his wife Audrey, and their three children, have been running their bar O’Duinns and adjoining backpackers hostel since 2006.


Queensland hostel closes doors on Irish backpackers (Irish Echo)

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