From top: Noel Pattern last month: Noel Pattern with John McGuirk at the Rally for Choice in Dublin on Saturday

Further to ongoing controversy regarding pro-life poster medic Noel Pattern aka Noel Patrún.

Gorugeen Fingleton writes:

So here we are a wee bit down the line and #noelthenurse and John McGuirk have started back tracking and bottom covering.

First of all though this this thread is a systematic demolition of the whole affair. @nursePollyRgn has been dogged in her pursuit of said demolition. In this thread she addresses the fake city and guilds cert in minute detail.

Mr Noel Pattern has explained that yes he did indeed amend the cert but only to make it more readable as he only has a bad copy of the certificate.

He states that he has not been able to get proper records from the UK yet but will soon.

He does acknowledge that he’s NOT a nurse. He does claim to be an operating department practitioner and further that care assistants are often referred to as nurses.

Yet you’ll see examples of him giving Medical information based on his experience as a nurse. and its communications director John McGuirk have acknowledged that Noel Pattern is not a nurse too.

However they hide behind the claim that it was an honest error due to their misunderstanding of medical job titles. McGuirk even posted a selfie with Noel Pattern at the anti choice parade (above).

They still maintain that Noel left the My Abortion Story campaign because he was bullied by pro choice activists.

In the previous post on Broadsheet I stated that this was either an attempted duping or incompetence. I believe the former. I wonder too will John McGuirk now change his amendment of the original Broadsheet post? I think not.

This is still being pursued and I strongly suspect there will be more updates to this sorry affair.

Last week: A Pro-Life Pattern

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46 thoughts on “Love Both

  1. ted

    So the dude worked helping carry out abortions, yay or nay? Because that’s what they said. So far my reading of this is they dicked up explaining what his qualifications were, which is a bit embarrassing, but hardly a scandal.

    Now if it turned out he didn’t do what he said he did on the poster, you’d have my interest. Did he or did he not?

    1. well

      He claimed he was bullied in his job and had a fetus placed in his pocket, that should be verifiable

    2. gorugeen

      His cert is fake. He claimed to be an icu psychiatric nurse with 14 years experience. he is not. He claimed to be a nurse working in theatres. He is not. He claims to be a Reverend. He is not.
      We know he was aware assistant

      1. gorugeen

        a care assistant working with people with mental health issues. He has so been unable to prove he ever worked in the theatre carrying out abortions. I believe he did not.

      2. ted

        So did he work in abortion theatres or not?

        I mean at the moment what I’m getting is “this guy is a bit of a shady character”, which is fair enough – every campaign tries the play the man strategy. But is there anything on that billboard that is untrue? Genuine question.

        “We don’t know” is not an answer, by the way. It’s just an attempt to make this guy look shady.

        1. Donal

          What makes it look shady is that all the evidence presented has been proven to be false.

          Did he work in clinics? Perhaps. But at this stage I think the onus is on him to prove he did, rather than on others to prove he didn’t. He lost the benefit of the doubt with the false evidence

          And until evidence is provided I think it is fair that the suspicions are publicised, this campaign needs to be honest and dishonesty should be called out

          1. newsjustin

            I agree with Donal.

            There is no shortage of first hand accounts of what happens during an abortion. No need to hear from a source that can’t be easily verified.

        2. ted

          “I believe he did not”.

          Well of course you don’t believe it. You have a motive to not believe it, after all you’ve been the one pursuing this for a couple of weeks.

          The point is, there’s no evidence that there’s anything particularly dishonest about this ad. Manipulative? Sure. Is the guy a shady character? He may well be, I don’t know him. But seems to me what you’ve got them on is that they gave him the wrong title. Watergate it is not.

          1. Donal

            Ad states “I worked in an abortion theatre”

            When questioned as to where/when false evidence is provided.

            If you cannot see the dishonesty there you are choosing not to, exactly what you accuse others of

          2. Cian

            All the evidence that was provided to show he worked in an abortion clinic has turned out to be false.

            Why should I believe anything this guy says?

          3. David

            Watergate wasn’t about “was Richard Nixon president or not”, it was about whether someone’s shadiness means they’re unfit as a public representative and whether the correct institutional controls are there to check his power.

            In the same way this is about how concerned the anti-choice campaign are to fact check their information and the extent to which they’re willing to cover their tracks rather than admit fault. It speaks to the character of the campaign and whether we can trust them. Pretty serious imho

        3. Steph

          We know that someone who claims to work in healthcare says he only a manky photocopy of an old cert and a logo free nhs id that misspells gynaecology to back up his claim that he works/worked in healthcare. I work in healthcare. In a matter of 15 minutes I can produce pay slips, copies of cpd certs, my degree, references and more. I call bullpoo poo.

    3. shane

      He was never registered as a nurse nor as an ODP (and it’s an offense to say you are one if you’re not registered). He cant spell “gynecological”, gets the jargon wrong (writing DNC instead of D&C), admits that he has convictions for armed robbery, claims to have run guns for the RA

      The guy is a bullpoo artist and a liar here he is claiming to be a violent criminal during and where he was “held on remand in Mountjoy prison” during the period he was supposed to be a trained nurse according to version of his life Noel he didn’t get redeemed until the late nineties, long after he was supposedly working in the abortion theatres.

      You can’t believe a word from his mouth.

    4. gorugeen

      He categorically did not. He was a porter in the hospital for a few months in 2000. His cert is fake. His job is fake. His experience is fake. Noel the nurse is a fake.

  2. :-Joe

    John McGuirk is what happens when you spend too much time going between jung’ian FF/FG campaign meetings, all the various daft religious ceremonies and events just being populist with everyone..

    At the same time watching too much RTE and being inspired to aspire to become a “personality” at any cost..

    Irish society somehow has created another monster…


    1. well

      The only thing McGuirk believes in is money lol.
      The fact he is on the prolife side should indicate they have much more money.

  3. Peter Dempsey

    This coupled with the fascist symbol duping on Thursday’s IWD march is a shoddy set of events and reflects poorly on the pro life movement. So what is Gorugeen’s motive in all this? Seems like a tremendous waste of energy.

    1. well

      It’s almost like their whole campaign is one big Gish Gallop.

      They’re creating multiple facebook groups, nurses for life, doctors for life, mums for life, at the same time they have many competing orgs.

      PLC plays good cop, while the ICBR gross us out with surgical images. They will both condemn each others strategies as ineffective but the truth is they’re just both attacking on different fronts.

      Then they have black propaganda like fascist signs they fooled those young people with.

      By the time you’ve demolished one of their arguments 10 more have taken it’s place.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        That “doctors for life” twitter is no more a doctor than my cat! Even Noel might be more qualified than the sock running it!!

  4. Anne

    The repeal side would do much better by just ignoring and refusing to engage with hired shill mcGurk. That or offer him more money than the pro life campaign and he will swap sides!!

  5. Thomas Troy

    Pro life, anti choice, which is true? Its all in a name, depends on how you look at it.

  6. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    John McGuirk?

    He of Freedom Institute fame? Still around?

  7. Urs

    This seems like a huge big fuss about nothing. He showed certs that he worked in the hospital, and the hospital confirmed he worked there, so what’s the big deal?

    1. Steph

      He didn’t show certs that showed he worked in a hospital. The hospital has not confirmed that he worked there.

  8. Sailtee

    Wild claims being made above. Where is the evidence that he didn’t work in the abortion theatre. But while you’e all obsessing to each other Save 8th is at doors winning votes. :)

    1. well

      Is that you Una(sailtee)?

      looks like your lie has failed, we’ll expose all the other lies too.

  9. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    You’re asking us to love both Noel Pattern AND John McGuirk?

    Not lookin’ for much, are you…..

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