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Today’s Times ireland Edition and Noel Pattern (above)

The further adventures of Noel Pattern, pro0life poster boy.

Gorugeen Fingleton writes:

Following my last post, The Times ireland edition have been in contact with Ipswich Hospital Trust.

What was confirmed is that Noel Pattern worked there for 8 months in 2000 and his employment then ceased. He was employed as a porter and as such would have had very little time in theatre.

There is no other record of him working in any capacity at Ipswich Hospital Trust.

Obviously following on from this the certificate from City and Guilds is a fake. His experience is faked. He still has provided no proof whatsoever that disputes these findings.

Further, John McGuirk, director of communications for Savethe8.ie still stands by his man, even disputing what the hospital administration says.

Again, there is no proof. He says Mr Pattern will provide the original of the City and Guilds certificate. I contend that we will never see it.

Save the 8/McGuirk called @Nursepolly a liar and threatened legal action. It strikes me that she has been considerably wronged here.

Save the 8 didn’t do even the most basic of checks on Noel Pattern before they launched their billboard campaign.

Despite all the evidence repeatedly showing that Noel Pattern is a fake and a liar they are standing by him.

Add to that that John McGuirk has not once addressed the issue of Noel Pattern’s self proclaimed criminal past (except to say that he never went to prison).

It’s amatuer hour at save the 8 towers.

Doubts grow over ‘nurse’ used by anti-abortion campaign (Catherine Sanz, The Times Ireland edition)

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A Pro-Life Pattern

From top: Noel Pattern last month: Noel Pattern with John McGuirk at the Rally for Choice in Dublin on Saturday

Further to ongoing controversy regarding pro-life poster medic Noel Pattern aka Noel Patrún.

Gorugeen Fingleton writes:

So here we are a wee bit down the line and #noelthenurse and John McGuirk have started back tracking and bottom covering.

First of all though this this thread is a systematic demolition of the whole affair. @nursePollyRgn has been dogged in her pursuit of said demolition. In this thread she addresses the fake city and guilds cert in minute detail.

Mr Noel Pattern has explained that yes he did indeed amend the cert but only to make it more readable as he only has a bad copy of the certificate.

He states that he has not been able to get proper records from the UK yet but will soon.

He does acknowledge that he’s NOT a nurse. He does claim to be an operating department practitioner and further that care assistants are often referred to as nurses.

Yet you’ll see examples of him giving Medical information based on his experience as a nurse.

JSavethe8.ie and its communications director John McGuirk have acknowledged that Noel Pattern is not a nurse too.

However they hide behind the claim that it was an honest error due to their misunderstanding of medical job titles. McGuirk even posted a selfie with Noel Pattern at the anti choice parade (above).

They still maintain that Noel left the My Abortion Story campaign because he was bullied by pro choice activists.

In the previous post on Broadsheet I stated that this was either an attempted duping or incompetence. I believe the former. I wonder too will John McGuirk now change his amendment of the original Broadsheet post? I think not.

This is still being pursued and I strongly suspect there will be more updates to this sorry affair.

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