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Yesterday’s Sunday Independent

Ah here.

Graham D writes

Picked myself up off the floor to check this  (above) was not a spoof. Not sure if this is a new low for that paper but it would appear there is at least no requirement for the SpIn Unit at Independent newspapers….

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    1. :-Joe

      lolz… Serious problems you may not be fully aware of

      1. Barry Egan somehow has been getting paid as though he works as a journalist for years….
      2. Somehow the sunday anti-independent jornalism is still in circulation..
      3. Supporters i.e. customers, backers or the willfully deluded people seem to think that just by being bought that it qualifies it as being a real newspaper…..

      It’s all just a load of spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………….. and people are swallowing it….


  1. Andrew

    Graham see the Indo’s role in getting Bertie Ahern re-elected in 2007. Barry Egan, Brendan O’Connor etc.

    1. Rob_G

      Bertie Ahern got re-elected in 2007 because, in overheating the economy and paying off the public sector unions through benchmarking, everyone thought he was doing a great job running the country.

      I think you are over-estimating the influence of O’Connor (and definitely in the case of Egan – he’s a showbiz reporter for the Sindo, hardly Paul Krugman).

      1. Blonto

        The indo was Berties biggest cheerleader. Eoghan Harris went from total criticism of Aherne to writing fawning, sycophantic columns. A total coincidence that Aherne nominated him for a seat in the Seanad.

      2. :-Joe

        Krugman talks a good game but is only tolerated by the so-called centerist / right / right wing because he is a neo-liberal apologist for the unaccountable abuse of power and control by private capital markets through the continual erosion of democracy.

        Any decent form of equality can only occur and be maintained when balanced with oversight and regulation .

        Add free market economic philosophy to that and you might, for once in your lifetime be able to experience what could be a true capitalist democratic society.(It was always going to fail like communism but would have been nice to experience it..)

        Krugman supports state intervention(basically run by private capital) in free markets wherever deemed necessary, therefore he accepts and promotes the idea of a fake capitalist illusion and being subservient to the corruption in the system…

        …hardly Noam Chomsky.


    1. david

      I hope he apologises for the crap he has come out with slagging off trump
      Will he congratulate him for doing what no president achieved like getting north and south Korea in he same room
      Or will he be begging him to allow tax dodging US companies to keep dodging paying tax in the USA
      Maybe trump will ask him why the irish government is paying the legal costs to ensure apple dose not pay the thirteen billion it owes the Irish nation

      1. Listrade

        No president huh? I must have imagined the agreed framework between the US and North Korea in 1994 on nuclear weapons. I was probably also using too much glue and completely imagined the whole era of The Sunshine Policy between North and South Korea following a summit…in the same room in 1998. It must have been really strong glue because I imagined the policy lasted for over ten years, resulted in a nobel prize for Kim Dae-jung, huge trade between the two nations, joint tourism arrangement, etc. It must have been some trip I was on. Pity Kim Jong-un’s Dad went a bit loopy near the end and started p*ssing about.

        Probably all fake news I was fed before there was fake news, when it was just news and the two nations marched together at the Sydney Olympics or when Roh Moo-hyun crossed the DMZ in 2007 and had more talks. Damned fake news. MAGA!!!!!!

        I mean I know I imagined the ending of the Sunshine policy in 2010, as I’m told our supreme leader Trump was the first to get them into a room and none of the diplomatic efforts involving the US, Russia, Japan and China since the end of the Cold War actually happened. I can’t trust my own memories of those documented peace talks that also took place in August 2015 and September 2016.

        GOD BLESS TRUMP and ‘MURICA. I’m shocked that this whole thing I witnessed and is well documented and easily googled before you make statements that kinda show you up as a bit dim over the course of the last 30 years was a sham and a lie.

  2. Digs

    Barry Egan is the most gifted journalist this country has ever produced! He’s actually even better than Una Mulally and Ian O’Doherty combined!

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    If the Pulitzer could be awarded to an Irish journalist, surely this piece would clinch it for Barry. Tremendous.


      All that matter of fact banter on threesomes from Pat Kenney on Newstalk last week has got him visualising.

      Tell us Baz, how does it end?

  4. Joe

    And the award of the forelock tugging Brown Nose goes to……
    Barry Egan for his cringe (yeech!) inducing journalistic pap.

  5. spudnick

    Imagine the level of mental obsequiousness and self-abasement required to do what he does for a living. How little self-esteem he must have. Constantly finding new z-listers to fawn over in Lillie’s, and then to go home and write that grot. I couldn’t do it, fair play to him.

    1. Frilly Keane

      C’mere Matt
      And the rest ah’ ye

      I’ve also written for NME
      Well not me
      But a former associate ah’ mine
      A related party like

  6. Ron Dolan

    Thanks for this* – was not aware of this Barry Egan entity you speak of but now I do and my left has been lessened for it. can expect a bill for 79 seconds of my time wasted and also for the cost of two toilet flushes to pay for the vomit I chucked up when I realised that Barry is actually a ‘Journalist’ (titter) working for the SCU/Indo.

    Thanks lads. Thanks a million (x5) for the ‘experience’…..

    *sarcasm by the way!!!!

    1. anyone

      We can always rely on you anyway for the miserabilist perspective.

      You must love reading that awful news so you can make some tedious political point

      1. Ron Dolan

        Quite. We should studiously ignore people in trouble as they upset….anyone?

        Cannot be ruining the image of Oirleand been a shacking grate place, can we.

          1. Ron Dolan

            Well I was thinking you were a bit of a fapper alright.

            Thanks for the confirmation anyone.

            You’re a lamb!

  7. realPolithicks

    Irish Independent: FG Brilliant…FF OK….Lefties Bad…SF Really really really bad.

  8. Ron Dolan

    @realPolithicks – are they even that coherent anymore?

    Seems to be a lot of gobblegobblegobble….

    Who is this Barry Egan guy? He likes Guggi and Gavin Friday so obviously another Lipton village groupy who didnt make the cut.

    1. realPolithicks

      To be honest I’ve never heard of this guy so I don’t know anything about him. As for the indo I don’t know about coherence but they at least are transparent. There was a time when newspapers were a little more covert about this kind of thing but those days are gone.

  9. Tarton Clax

    He’s been doing this for 25 years. Lillies… Gin and Tonic.. U2…Sinead O Connor.. Cecilia Ahern… Sunday Independent Pretty Models back pages. Didn’t he actually write Terry Keane’s pieces for her towards the end? Tripe, but hey.. It’s a living.

  10. rotide

    It’s astonishing how many people are claiming that on one hand they know that the Sindo is a rag/govt mouthpiece/Tool of the elite and yet on the other hand have very definitely never heard of Barry Egan.

    It’s literally impossible to read the Sindo without noticing his social diary poop

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