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From top: Pope Francis; The World Meeting of Families, 2017

Muggy writes:

I’m curious but given the recent planning decision re: Rolling Stones at Croke Park, doesn’t this concert the Pope will be attending count as a 5th concert this year?


World Meeting Of Families 2018

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  1. ivan

    “World Meeting of Families”

    Jaysus; Jagger’s brood alone would take up a fair whack of the Hill…

  2. Frilly Keane

    anyone else think this lad is related to the actor Jonathon Pryce; Bond baddie and GOT weirdo

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          “Only” the pope, sez he. ONLY the pope. No wonder this country has gone to wrack and ruin.


  3. scottser

    apparently the one licence covers all the croker, rds and phoenix park gigs:

    Clonliffe and Croke Park Area Residents’ Association chairman Pat Gates, who had opposed the granting of permission for the Rolling Stones show, said that despite concerns over the number of events being held: “In terms of mounting some sort of an opposition, if we can’t get the Rolling Stones stopped, we’d have little chance of stopping the Pope when it’s the GAA and the Catholic Church involved.”

    1. phil

      Pat sounds about right , and while I would enjoy the effort of putting a stop to this, its probably safer to stay away from it … The people who would be looking forward to this aint exactly rational when it comes to their patch.

  4. bisted

    …the GAA at Croke Park seem to have lost touch with the community based organisation that has such an important place thoughout the rest of the country. They seem motivated only by profit and display a total disdain for their neighbours. The agreement for no more than three concerts per year didn’t last long. That the agreement is to be breached by a group who defied all appeals and played to support the apartheid state in Tel Aviv is a further insult…

    1. Neilo

      What you have us do, bisted? Remove Zionist temptresses Johansson, Portman and Gadot from the Spanksylvanian Hall Of Fame? You ask too much of us, sir. Too much!

      1. bisted

        …as a lifelong fan of the Stones there was nobody more disappointed than me by their decision to take the zionist blood money and play in Tel Aviv…you do as you wish Neilo but I’ll continue continue to do my little bit and actively support the Palestinian cause and the BDS movement…

          1. bisted

            …thanks…had to google Portman and Gadot…perhaps you could google Jim Fitzpatrick’s recent picture of a real wonder woman…

          2. Neilo

            Thanks for the offer, bisted, but I have my limits and I’d prefer not to throw any additional traffic in that fellow’s direction.

  5. Liam Deliverance

    Who is paying for the Popes visit / mass mass?
    Was he invited and therefore we pay or did he request a visit and therefore the Papacy pays?
    What are the figures involved?
    Assuming we pay, how can it be justified over and above a “regular” state visit?

  6. Birneybau2

    Hope the Pope plays his greatest hits and none of that new shizz when he plays Croker. I’d go mad if he didn’t do ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’. Don’t care much for his electronic stuff.

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