Behold the Karlmann King SUV. Cocooned within its Ford F550-underpinned stealth bomber-style bodyshell, a fully customised interior – including TV, fridge, ambient lighting and a Nespresso machine – awaits the children of oil sheiks and oligarchs.

Weighing in at a massive 5.9 tonnes, the vehicle is limited to a top speed of 140km/h despite its 6.8L V10 engine.

Yours for a mere  €1.6 million.


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14 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Otis Blue

    I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see Johnny Ronan cruising around town in one of these.

  2. Martco

    think of the consequences of taking so much as a door panel dint in the cor pork outside the Starbucks with that yoke, you’d need a lot more than ezdent removal kit

  3. Paulus

    Somewhere back in my bedsit-years I had, and misplaced, a large cartoon/poster with a drawing of a ridiculously over-the-top coupe with six chrome exhausts, big bulgy bonnet, etc, etc and a guy smugly draping his arm across the roof:
    The caption beneath read; “A man with a small and peculiarly shaped penis”
    (And yes, I had the one with the tennis-player scratching her bum as well)

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