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  1. Yowzah

    No. plate recognition is pretty simple stuff, you can have a list of white listed vehicles and receive alert for any out side of that.
    If you’re driving onto private (IE) property then you’re fair game.

  2. The Old Boy

    It is perfectly allowed to record number plates to pass on to the Gardaí if there is an issue, in much the same way as one would with CCTV.

    They don’t have access to the information linked to the plates.

      1. CoderNerd

        Bridges deserve a raise in some cases.
        They support us in many endeavours.
        Show some solidarity man.

    1. DeKloot

      In the new world of GDPR, they’re not allowed to just pass the data on to the Garda. They would have to report an incident without notifying them of any footage captured on CCTV. Their CCTV system to protect IE’s assets from vandalism, theft or destruction. They’re not designed to actively monitor and report the behavior of the public. If IE report the incident to the Garda and there was a criminal investigation a warrant is notionally required release the information recorded.

      1. John

        I didn’t realise GDPR concerned reporting data to authorities?
        Also, if its recording data that is captured in a public place (where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy) why does GDPR matter?

        1. DeKloot

          CCTV footage is very much covered by the gdpr as is how that data – because is data – is recorded, stored, retained and accessed. It’s too much of a palaver to go into here but sniff about and you’ll see.

          1. Milk Teeth

            However there are exceptions around crime reporting and emergency cases. If that was not the case all CCTV not operated by the Garda would be pointless because any criminal would just say no when asked if they were happy for the video to be shared.

      2. The Old Boy

        That is completely incorrect. I’ll write something about it in the morning if I have time.

          1. The Old Boy

            Passing data to the Gardaí where you have good reason to believe that a crime has been committed on your property is a perfect example of lawful processing of personal data under Art 6.1 (f) of the GDPR, the “legitimate interest” provision.

          2. De Kloot

            Again, I’m not saying it can’t be provided to them but it should be requested by them.

            “With regard to requests from An Garda Síochána to download footage, the ODPC recommends that requests for copies of CCTV footage should only be acceded to where a formal written (or fax) request is provided to the data controller stating that An Garda Síochána is investigating a criminal matter. For practical purposes, and to expedite a request speedily in urgent situations, a verbal request may be sufficient to allow for the release of the footage sought. However, any such verbal request must be followed up with a formal written request. It is recommended that a log of all An Garda Síochána requests is maintained by data controllers and processors.”

          3. The Old Boy

            This is perfectly good guidance if, for example, the Gardaí sought footage relating to a crime not against or affecting the data controller.

            In circumstances where a crime has been committed against you it is absurd, unnecessary and simply not required by the GDPR to await a request by the Gardaí before you hand it over.

            Of course, keeping a record of everything is always good advice and will keep the new breed of data protection officers busy little bees.

            I apologise if I seem to be dancing angels on the head of a pin here. It was your use of the word “warrant” that raised my hackles at a late (and admittedly well refreshed) hour.

  3. Braaap

    How can Irish Rail have access to this information?
    What information? The License plate number? Well it’s displayed on the front and the back of your vehicle..
    License plate data isn’t personally identifiable, go to cartell or a similar site and you can find information on all cars based on the number plate. It would be very straightforward as Yowzah said , to build a whitelist, flag unknown plates, and then pass this onto AGS

  4. some old queen

    Does this not come as standard with a lot of CCTV systems now a days? Including ones places on side of private buildings?

    That escalated quickly.

    The russians are watching via the smart toaster and israelis via the fridge…. and now, the ICA have taken over my friggen cooker. *twitch*

  5. SB

    We’d better all close our eyes when driving if it’s not allowed to read number plates on cars

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