That Seemed To Go Well


Good times.

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    1. david

      All done to discredit fianna fail
      This tribuneral is a waste of money
      No accountability
      Now being used to get votes for little Leo verruca’s Ireland’s got talent cabinet
      Millions wasted instead of building a home to house a family
      We all know about Bertie but he delivered the good Friday agreement which under Leo is about to fall apart

      1. Ina.

        The tribunal made money. It clawed back a lot of hidden money that was untaxed. Do you believe Bertie’s story that he won the money by gambling on horses?

      2. Nigel

        So david’s an FFer. That explains the relentlessly personal nature of his attacks. FF are hardly going to have anything positive to propose.

        1. david

          Jesus Nigel you really are so deluded
          I am not a fianna failer or a fine gaeler or a labour head or a people before prophet
          Call me an independent
          As for Sinn feinn ?I would prefer to vote Hamas than those who murdered so many Irish people

    1. Topsy

      He also said he was a qualified account, however never provided proof that he passed any accountancy exams in the state.

  1. Ina.

    When he’s on Irish radio, I always wonder why the interviewer doesn’t ask him is he still sticking to the ‘I won it on the horses’ lie.

    1. realPolithicks

      Because the Irish media don’t want to upset the cosy consensus which they are a part of.

  2. SOQ

    He was there to talk about the GFA in which he played a prominent role. If Conflict Zone really is as hard hitting as it claims then they would have been spotlighting the glaring contradictions between the GFA and Brexit but instead, they attempted to discredit him.

    There was clearly an agenda at play and IMO he was right to walk.

    1. Frilly Keane

      But he’s being well provided for to retire
      So he should just butt out
      Keep himself t’ himself
      And eff’ off quietly

      1. SOQ

        Just park your vitriol for a minute eh? Ahern was no saint, far from it, but he was an ardent supporter of the GFA and that is what he was there to talk about. Do you honestly think most of people watching that interview would have even been aware of his past? He has no intention of running for president and they know that so why bring it up? It was a hatchet job.

          1. Cian

            Yes. He said there were other topics. But didn’t explicitly what the other topics were.

            Ugh. I feel dirty defending Bertie.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          there’s no vitriol in my comment, SOQ. don’t see where you get that.

          nobody could discredit bertie ahern; he took care of that himself. he has the standing of a lizard, couldn’t be discredited any further.

          it’s patently obvious that ahern is using the anniversary of the GFA in an effort to rehabilitate his public image either to prepare for a presidential run (or at least test the waters). it’s entirely reasonable that his past public conduct be probed and questioned. that’s what happens. if he has things to hide or thinks he’s above that, he’d be better off slithering back to wherever he’s been for the last few years.

          1. SOQ

            Patently obvious is it? Because of Brexit the GFA is under threat like never before and I doubt if many Irish people even heard of The Conflict Zone if it wasn’t for this. If rehabilitation is his goal then he is going a very long way about it.

            They completely played the man not the ball and if anyone thinks Ahern has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president then I’ll have a pint of whatever they are having.

    2. rotide

      Im no fan of bertie but i agree with you SOQ. They don’t give a fig about any possible presidential run, simply trying to discredit him

      1. Frilly Keane

        hardly if they provided the questions in advance
        like yer man said they did

        Bertie, maybe, was just too quick to put himself in-front of a camera to actually read the brief

        like get real
        he is never going to be allowed walk away from his behaviour and failure
        and if he was that precious about his reputation and public perception he wouldn’t have been doing ads for the News of the World
        and that goes for his political future
        like why do dumbed down ads for a Sunday Tabloid rag if his ambition was the Aras

        if anything it provides the Irish Citizen and Voter, which includes you Rottie, a measure of the level esteem he holds for the Role of President of Ireland

      2. rotide

        Discredit may be the wrong word.

        I don’t need German TV going over stuff that we all know about a mere 10 years later to persuade me that Ahern is crooked as they come. I and most everyone in this state knows this.

        He was brought on to talk about the GFA and how brexit could affect it. He’s highly qualified to talk about this, being one of the people that made the thing actually happen. That’s something that can never be taken away from him, regardless of his other wrongdoings. His other wrongdoings have precisesly nothing to do with the GFA and brexit and there’s no reason to ask him about them other than to manufacture a bit of outrage.

        1. SOQ


          It was a dog whistle and surprising how many responded. I wonder what it is he is saying about the GFA that is upsetting the Germans right now.

          1. jusayinlike

            If you watch the full clip, it’s 24 mins long, the presenter states at the end that his team had given Bertie a full list of topics to be discussed, one of the topics was the mahon tribunal, Bertie never got back to him so the fact that Bertie was ill prepared is on him not the conflict zone.

      1. George

        What? Asking him questions about things he has done? The topics were sent to his office in advance according to the video.

          1. jusayinlike

            Yea, and Bertie’s an innocent man according to you, how dare those pesky objective journalists ask him unprepared questions..

    3. realPolithicks

      You must be living in some kind of fantasy land Bertie Ahern discredited himself years ago. Just because some time has passed doesn’t make him any less of a crook.

      1. SOQ

        I’m entitled to my opinions sweetheart, just like everyone else. Now do you actually have a point to make or is it just a cry for attention?

      2. Frilly Keane

        Ah Topsy
        that’s uncalled for

        OAQ has a great eye for the fashion and frocks n’ accessories n’ stuff

        1. SOQ

          If you ever meet me Frilly you are in for the mother of all surprises. Online and real world can be two very different things.

      3. Anne G Uyler

        Not SOQ though who does that. It’s the people attacking her for having an opinion or original idea

    1. Topsy

      Forgive & forget. That snake told people to go and “commit suicide”. Unfortunately some did & all you have to offer is – forgive & forget. Reprehensible.

        1. Steph Pinker

          Harry: search; bertiahernesuicidequotes through any search engine/ browser, and you’ll find verbatim quotes and words of wisdom from the man himself.

          1. Harry Molloy

            he didn’t tell people to commit suicide though

            there’s so much to dislike about him but passing exaggeration as fact is why you can’t believe the accuracy of anything you hear these days

          2. Anne G Uyler

            Harry is right. He didn’t tell those people to commit suicide. He pondered aloud on the meaninglessness of their daily existence and their abject lack of personal fulfillment. Not the same thing.

  3. Bertie Blenkinsop

    We should have a whipround and build a statue of the chap who attacked him with a brolly.

  4. Johnny

    why has the story disappeared ?
    amusing as this is,it’s also somewhat depressing that there’s zero consequences in Ireland.
    at best Naughten is incompetent,how can he possibly continue heading his dept ?
    allegations of significant editorial inteference at INM are surfacing,will Naughten rescue himself from any inquiry, or do the right thing a resign ?
    or do we not get it !

  5. Catherine costelloe

    I suppose the interviewer read about the thousands in the wardrobe, thousands on the nag, thousands in a dunne stores bag, the ‘life partner’ ( a fling) buying a property with help from fingers , no paperwork and not paying a bob back until a reporter came snooping 7 years later. ” I’ll cut this short” he may have thought .LOL.

    1. realPolithicks

      He’s so used to being treated with kid gloves by the Irish media so it never occured to him that a real journalist might ask some tough questions about his dubious past.

      1. Diddles

        Genuine question: why are the Irish media so nice to him? They’re so nice I actually forgot how much of a crook and a cowboy he was until I watched this

        1. realPolithicks

          Its because they are all part of the same estabishment group who ultimately always take care of their own. They circle the wagons and give you the old “move on, nothing to see here”.

  6. Martco

    I thoroughly enjoyed that! thank you

    Ahern & all the other after dinner speech circuit merchants like Blair should just fupp off & stay retired so we can forget about their corrupt lives

    our system allows lying snakes like Ahern and Lowry, Kenny & the rest to exist & thrive, that’s the real problem here

      1. Frilly Keane

        an’ d’ya know wha’ Qwert
        ask any lad in Tipp do they vote for him
        and they’ll say no

          1. Martco

            and they fib cos he fixht de roads & made sure all those extensions were exempt and sent them personal handwritten letters (probably via one of 50 sub cronies) to let em know too.

            local issues not national interest

  7. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Good interview. Everything that Miriam O’Callaghan and the rest of the RTÉ shower are not.

  8. Otis Blue

    That was simply glorious.

    Nicely played by the interviewer and great to see the ‘rat in the anorak’ squirm.

  9. Verbatim

    The tribunal gave its “views”, but he gave his “evidence”. Looking at his body language and facial expressions this interview clearly shows the steely hard awful man that Bertie Ahern is. He never actually denies that he wont be running for President.

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