26 thoughts on “Back With A Bang, Baby

  1. Anne G Uyler

    I no longer think you can isolate one thing as indicative.
    There are so many ponces going around now- poor ponces with ridiculous handlebar mustaches serving slops in jam-jars as well as the time honored “well heeled” variety. I hereby reserve the right to despise them all.

    1. bisted

      …bought some speakers of them once…they gave me box with two sets…I phoned them and returned the extra set a few days later…the guy in the shop couldn’t even bring himself to say thanks and acted like it was my fault…

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Ahhh Richer Sounds – record shop, record shop, finish up in Richer Sounds, Saturday magic!

  2. martco

    Noel Cloney if you want proper hardware with Scandinavian-sounding names that cost the months salary (or add a few more worry lines to the brow with another PCP deal) instead of B&O toys

    1. Boj

      I looked at that site….woah-nellie!
      A pair of speakers for sale for €2600 described as “an absolute bargain”.
      It’s all about perspective I suppose!

      1. scottser

        in fairness, there’s a pair of B&O speakers on their website 2ND HAND for 8,750. 2ND HAND!!!!

  3. :-Joe

    Go on duckduckgo.com and have a search for budget speakers 2.1 / 5.1 / 7.1 etc. that are reviewed as being better alternative kit than BO and their ridiculous prices and you’ll find plenty of better choices at various prices…

    They exist because of the not-so powerful illusion of branding Vs the infinite susceptibility to consumerist brainwashing by the public.

    Resistance is futile apparently?… Eh, NOoo……


  4. SOQ

    Well, I suppose there is plenty of landlords with some spare cash to throw around these days eh?

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