Behold: Cullinan – the Rolls Royce of SUVs. And not figuratively.

The luxury marque’s first foray into the world of sports utility vehicles, named after the largest rough diamond ever found, is a twin turbo V12 with rear suicide doors, a separate cargo compartment and an automatic lowering mechanism that drops the chassis 4cm when the driver approaches.

Delivery from 2019 with prices starting at €272,750.


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20 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Termagant

    My Nissan’s got a separate cargo compartment and I bought it off a lad on the quays for €400 8 years ago so joke’s on them

  2. Mrs Fanny Power

    Dare I say it….it’s not very attractive on the outside. Love the inside.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          just to make clear – that was a joke. i’m a lover of inside and outside.

  3. eric cartman

    I love it , hopefully somebody can get it in under commercial crewcab tax, with 13.3% vrt and 333 a year tax it would be just about affordable.

    Im glad somebody can make a square 4×4 again, I was holding on to my Range Rover because nothing is as aggressive and square looking.

    Also check the configurator on the website, theres 4 different clock options and 4 different options for the spirit or extacy hood ornament.

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