The Royal Enfield WD/RE (aka the ‘Flying Flea’) saw action during WW2 when it was designed to be dropped behind enemy lines via glider.

This is the Pegasus 500 Classic – a remake by the original manufacture which ups the engine capacity from 125cc to a 499cc parallel twin motor.

1000 replicas (complete with 1940s style canvas saddlebags) will go on sale later this year available in ‘Service Brown’ or ‘Olive Drab Green’


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5 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Clampers Outside!

      G’wan! Do ih! :)

      I had the pleasure of renting an old 1960s 250cc Enfield for a weekend back in 2000 while hopping around India… flyin’ around Kerala in little more than flipflops and a sarong :)
      My ankle was cut to hell from the kick starter… a bugger to do in flipflops! No licence, no insurance and no helmet… I’d be pooping meself if I rode like that on a bike today !

      The bike looked very similar to this one… but a lot less shiney Fond memories to be sure :0)

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        Ah deadly
        I’m overdue a trip back
        and the last time I burnt half my calve off on an exhaist has healed beautifully:)

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