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Behold: the Ethec Electric Motorcycle – designed by 12 engineering students from ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts with a 15kWh battery, front and rear hub motors and a sophisticated air and oil cooling system that combine to provide 67bhp and a 400km range.


The Royal Enfield WD/RE (aka the ‘Flying Flea’) saw action during WW2 when it was designed to be dropped behind enemy lines via glider.

This is the Pegasus 500 Classic – a remake by the original manufacture which ups the engine capacity from 125cc to a 499cc parallel twin motor.

1000 replicas (complete with 1940s style canvas saddlebags) will go on sale later this year available in ‘Service Brown’ or ‘Olive Drab Green’


Behold: the Yamaha Motodroid – a mysterious AI-controlled ‘self driving’ motorcycle prototype that will debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

No word yet regarding its ability to kill all humans.




Art Vandelay writes:

Was looking to buy a bobber on donedeal… Saw this one (above) for sale – Interesting symbol on the tank…

Bobber for Sale (Donedeal)

Yesterday: Whyte’s Pride


Behold: the Diamond Atelier BMW MkII Series motorcycle – a 2-valve monolever, 800cc or 1000cc cafe racer developed by BMW Motorrad designer Julian Weber, available in  multiple options from €21.000 to €26,500.




Kevin O’Neill’s motorbike (above) was stolen from outside his house in Cabra, Dublin 7, between Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9.

Kevin writes:

 It’s a Suzuki Bandit 600 with Dominator twin headlights, a led rear brake light, rear hugger, bandit grips and bandit air cover. I’m gutted…

My motorbike’s been stolen (Done Deal)

lazareth-lm847-tilting-quad-motorcycle-12lazareth-lm847-tilting-quad-motorcycle-5 lazareth-lm847-tilting-quad-motorcycle-9 lazareth-lm847-tilting-quad-motorcycle-7lazareth-lm847-tilting-quad-motorcycle-1

Behold the Lazareth LM-847, a quad wheeled, 4.7l, 470bhp conceptual überhog by French automotive designer Ludovic Lazareth  a monstrous block balanced with the modified tail end of a Ducati Panigale.

It may never go into production. But it really should.