59 thoughts on “They’re Taking It Well

  1. Ina.

    Someone better than me, more organized, should organize a petition to ask for Pope Francis to be dis-invited to Ireland.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Yeah… somebody should. In the time it took you to post this, you could have gone to change.org and set it up, but yeah, leave it to other people!

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Sure, Ina, sure. You can find Broadsheet and register, but not change. org.

          Maybe your next login will be a computer wizz!

          1. Ina.

            I’m not registered to BS, and there’s no point in having a petition up if no one sees it.

        1. bisted

          …have we learned nothing from the ‘no’ campaign…lots and lots of posters…

  2. TheRealJane

    I admire the way they’ve retreated to consider why their message doesn’t resonate and what they can do to reach people rather than bleating about tax and grim reapers.

    Oh wait…

  3. Cian

    Ireland’s vote to repeal the eighth amendment to its constitution was a bleak spectacle to behold. The sight of crowds affecting a carnival atmosphere because the state will no longer “acknowledge the right to life of the unborn” had the air of a cannibalistic fête.

    Wait what? “cannibalistic fête”? but the article goes on to show how the church in Ireland has been naughty.
    It concludes with
    If the Irish people apostatised in the vote to repeal the eighth amendment, it was in no small part because they saw their clergy do it first. The extent to which the Church needs to rebuild trust and credibility at the most basic moral level is dauntingly clear and desperately urgent.

    wow. is that it? seems fair enough, but no, one last lash of the crozier:

    At the moment, so great is the harm done that the Irish are literally voting to kill their children to spite their fathers.


    1. mildred st meadowlark

      Well that’s the mentality you’re dealing with.

      I’ve been called a murderer for wearing my ‘Tá’ badge round the shops by some interfering old pearl clutcher, and I’ve been told I’m psychotic for wanting to kill my unborn babies.

      These people are best left alone.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        Ah yeah got my fair share of murderer there lately
        they really believe it so not much you can do but smile and be polite

      2. Cian

        I giggled. They believe that they are eating the body and blood of Jesus. But they call the Yes celebration a “cannibalistic fête”

      3. thefatlad

        We had our Tá badge on our kids pram and thankfully never got a full blown “murderer” shouted at us but plenty of filthies thrown our way. Luckily my wife can exude a look of “just try it” occasionally!

  4. SOQ

    You cannot be a Catholic and be in favour of abortion, says Belfast priest

    He also sez

    You cannot be a Catholic and be in favour of abortion. Deliberate abortion is so grave a sin that those who procure an abortion, those who carry out the procedure, those who participate in it, or facilitate it, are excommunicated with immediate effect.

    The Catholic Church in Ireland no longer enjoys the power and influence it was once afforded. For many of us, we are thankful to God that this is the case. Now, we are freer, less encumbered in preaching the Gospel and calling people to eternal salvation.

    We need to help by divesting ourselves of so many schools. Fewer Catholic schools that are more effective in handing on the faith and give the rest over to control of the state.


    I wonder if he ran that past the bishop first?

    1. bisted

      …FTP…this should be on every lampost from the border to Croke Park…it already is on most lamposts on the other side of the border…the Belfast priest will get the message…

  5. I’ll lol out loud

    Nothing I love more than a bunch of jaded so called liberals bored with taking drugs and riding taking cheap shots at one of the world’s major religions

    So edgy and with it

      1. SOQ

        If in such control of Ireland then you can be certain of it. You won’t find many Free P fans here either Champers?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          That control can be exercised by a small minority of Islamists if we don’t get rid of our blasphemy laws.

          What is a ‘Free P’? …I googled ‘free p’ and the result were all porn sites :)

          1. SOQ

            Free p = big Ian’s church. I agree about the blasphemy law, even if it is unenforceable.

    1. TheRealJane

      I’m quite flattered by this description, to be honest. In reality, I haven’t yet had nearly enough drucks or riding to be sick of either.

  6. samwise_gangee

    when denied a naval piercing, the 14-year old girl screamed “my body, my choice” at her mother before slamming the back door and running down the garden path in tears.

    “If in doubt flush it out…..if in doubt FLUSH IT OUT” cried the unruly hoard of enlightened and compassionate people from the progressive movement. They were neither enlightened or compassionate, and lost sight of progress long ago…they had no idea how useful they were.

    The only analysis of the Repeal outcome you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT1nObx_12c&feature=share

      1. samwise_gangee

        …and everything was just like in the nightmare. Progression was regression and some were more equal than others….

    1. Sham Bob

      Ugh. Why did I give that dross so much as a click.

      I see his other videos include a facepalming analysis of pro-abortion posters and a celebration of Israel’s Eurovision win. It’s like the guy can only define himself in opposition to progressives and their causes.

  7. Dinny Do Well?

    Jon Anderson hasn;t done a decent thing since he left the real “YES”. (See what I did there?)

  8. Murtles

    It’s OK, it’s only Cork he’s touching. That’s for trying to say Murphys is better than Guinness ye southerners.

  9. Frilly Keane

    Nice that they included the whole Island
    int’ it

    all coloured in an’ everyting

    nice t’see all the same

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