A Limerick A Day


Ukriane-based Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who had been reported shot and killed on Tuesday, showed up yesterday at a news conference alive

A journalist yesterday said
Ukraine lied when they claimed he was dead
He did not tell his wife
So don’t bet your life
He’ll return to the marital bed

John Moynes

Pics: Getty

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8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. rotide

    This is like something out of Bourne.

    Where was Bisted and Bodger to tell us the truth before the world found out?!

  2. John f

    It seems as if there are entities hellbent on stoking up tensions between Russia and the West.
    The new threat of war will likely create a crisis situation in Europe and beyond. Such a situation can be used to make dramatic political changes that otherwise the powers that be couldn’t.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVEOPV-Bxw

    It’s quite possible that this was one part of a ploy that backfired. Interesting times lie ahead.

  3. f_lawless

    Another aspect of this is that it casts further doubts over the credibility of the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team which was tasked with establishing who the downed Malaysian flight MH17 in 2014. Ukrainian intelligence services are a core part of that team whereas Russia has always been excluded from it. This Babchenko case shows that Ukrainian authorities have no qualms about concocting false narratives to be served up to the public.

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