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Ed Wills, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Ireland, which was awarded a contract to run 24 of the existing Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area bus routes 

‘Ronan’ writes;

The new bus company in Dublin is called Go Ahead.

Before there was Dublin Bus, there was a practice on some CIE buses in the capital whereby, if you couldn’t or didn’t want to pay the correct fare, you handed over a few coins and said, “Go ahead”.

There’s always been some discussion as to whether the money collected as “go ahead” fares was passed on to CIE by the bus staff or was simply a benign social service in hard times.

Perhaps a Broadsheet reader would know?


Bus operator Go-Ahead Ireland recruiting 425 staff (RTÉ)

13 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Ina.

    This is utter crap. It’s all downhill from now on. Did the government not learn anything about the denationalization of the bus services in England.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    when i was in school, several of us would put our bus fares together to instead buy cigarettes. all the conductors on the route would accept a couple of cigarettes in lieu of our fares, with the understanding that “if an inspector gets on, you’re on your own”. same sort of thing, i suppose.

  3. Cian

    If they are hiring 425 people to run bus services that Dublin Bus used to run – does this mean that Dublin Bus will be downsizing? (either letting drivers go, or just not replacing drivers)?

    1. Cian

      Dublin Bus will be expanding their remaining services by about 1/8th including some 24h services (uses more drivers but not more vehicles) and probably moving a lot of 30 minute frequencies to 20 minute.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Aaaaargh! That bloody bus journey to the airport. You get all excited as you go up Dorset Street heading towards the airport, thinking you’re nearly there and then the bus starts going off on tangents and it adds around 40 mins to the journey.
          I wish they hadn’t stopped the Aircoach that went via Terenure. That was dead handy.

  4. Ron Dolan

    Expect the service to be utterly crap. As for the moron with his thumbs up with their logo on the RTE report – that man has never been on a bus in the last 25 years.

    I love this though:

    “Creating these new 425 jobs and providing a financially secure and investment ready business is critical for our colleagues, our customers and our ambitious expansion plans,” Mr Wills said.

    No dumbass, providing a workable public transport service is critical for your customer FFS. Not one person struggling to get to work cares about the jobs or a ”financially secure and investment ready business”.

    The above says it all, expect poor service at best. We learn absolutely nothing. I’d suggest having a look at who is investing in this and who they are friends with.

    Dublin doesn’t currently have a functional public transport service – you might disagree and say route x, luas, dart etc. work for you and maybe it does, but for a large swathe of the county the service is atrocious and people need this service or we just more cars. As it is, I cannot but drive to work as I would not have the time to cycle 2 hours a day and spend even more time taking 2-3 buses. An utter joke is what it is.

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