The Chat Must Go On


Did you stay up?

And then go to to sleep?

A warm thank you to, clockwise from top left: celebrity accountant Vanessa Foran, Johnny Keenan, ‘Preposterous‘ and Olga Cronin, our reduced panel on last night’s truncated Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show can be viewed in its entirety above

Unforgivably,  ‘Preposterous’ slept through the 10pm start leaving a fuming panel marooned in cyber space. The show managed to begin at 11.30pm, by which time producer Neil Curran had gone to bed.

But an illuminating dispatch from The Disclosures tribunal with Olga and Vanessa and Johnny kindly dropping in helped salvage a screwed-up episode 69.

Less swearing than you would expect.

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  1. SOQ

    BS on the telly is nearly as unprepared as a prominent south Armagh SF member demanding planning permission because he or she feels like it.

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