We’re Here, We’re In Cycling Gear, Get Used To It


This morning.

The Quays, Dublin

Cyclists assemble for a mass ‘Lycra Pride’ cycle along the Liffey Quays in support of the – calling for safe, segregated cycling in Dublin city centre,

Dublin Cycling Campaign

Pics via Dublin Bay South Green Party, Kevin O’Farrell, Alfred E Neuman and Rory Cooke

35 thoughts on “We’re Here, We’re In Cycling Gear, Get Used To It

  1. stephen c

    Lycra pride, I’d put them all in concentration camps given half a chance, they are the cancer thats killing Dublin traffic

    1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

      Oh dear, somebody miffed they didn’t get to listen to Marian Finucane this morning to get their weekly fill of poo. Try decaf, a few more decades of the rosary, and a trip to Lough Derg.

      1. stephen c

        I love how you assume that cycling is the future or something , like the world isn’t working on literally any alternative for transport. I’d also love to know where you got marrian, the rosary or lough derg from that.

        The L322 Range Rover has a 5 star occupant safety rating and a 0 star pedestrian and cyclist safety rating, making it the perfect city car for Dublin’s suicidal cyclists.

        1. scottser

          Yeah the passenger wing mirrors are over a grand to replace on those things. Watch out for me as cleave yours off while you’re stuck in city traffic some morning ;)

        2. ReproBertie

          Inane ranting from a frustrated cager. If all the cyclists switched their bikes for an L322 what impact would that have on the traffic?

      2. Lilly

        Marian was back and in fine fettle. She would, no doubt, be in favour of Lycra Pride.

    2. Tarfton Clax

      The onanist has spoken. Cyclists are traffic. You total spoon headed gimp. Ease off the Columbian marching powder. Leprosy of the mind is a hard station I suppose.

    1. Ronan Scanlan

      It’s an act of charity: to make fat fingered keyboard warriors and clinically obese private car drivers feel good about themselves.

  2. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Lyrcra. The very making of Enniskerry’s economy on a Sunday morning.

  3. Ronan

    If I was organising a demonstration in support of safe cycling in the city, I’d probably try to ensure that all participants wore helmets and had reflectors and/or lights on their bikes. Plenty of examples in those photos where people don’t have those. Surely just for the optics of the event it makes sense to show “hey, we’re doing our bit for cycle safety, now DCC you do yours”.

      1. Ronan

        Straight in with the insults is a great way to have a rational discussion but you know what, I’ll bite and attempt to engage in a rational way despite your name calling.

        I watched the video and the basic points are:

        1) there is evidence that helmets reduce head injuries (kinda glossed over a bit, but stated clearly at the start)
        2) enforcing people to wear helmets reduces the appeal of cycling and less people cycling is bad for the general public health
        3) some experiments suggest people wearing helmets take more risks.
        4) some experiments suggest drivers take more risks around people wearing helmets
        5) more head injuries are amongst drivers (example shown is someone not wearing a seatbelt in the back flying forward during a crash) so shouldn’t helmets be compulsory for drivers.

        Hope you agree that’s a fair assessment of the main points in the video?

        Ok so here’s my honest reaction.

        1) if helmets reduce head injuries that’s a benefit of wearing a helmet. Dunno if you have kids but I certainly insist mine wear helmets when scooting or cycling for this reason and this reason alone.
        2) kinda irrelevant to my comment which was for a group of clearly avid cyclists promoting cyclist safety. Helmets may make cycling less appealing but for those who do choose to cycle, well, see 1.
        3) that’s solved surely not by not wearing helmets (see 1) but by more education for how to cycle safely. For instance (off the top of my head) not going through red lights or down one way streets the wrong way. But if you are in an accident because of greater risk taking – see 1.
        4) despite the massive assumption you clearly jumped straight to, I agree with what the campaign is at here and think the city should have a far better infrastructure for cyclists including segregated cycle lanes and car free/bus free/truck free areas. And better campaigning for safer behaviour from other road users around cyclists. I’m not denying there are dangerous drivers out there but there are progressions with things like the recent law on overtaking distances. And you didn’t address at all my valid comment about reflectors and lights btw.
        5) well given the example we do mandate that passengers wear seatbelts because it reduces injuries. So for the relevant cycling analogy, well, see 1.

        I did also cite the “optics” of having cyclists on a safe cycling campaign publicity event whom the general public would perceive to not be taking all the measures they could personally be to keep themselves safe. Whatever you might like to think, that point is not invalidated by the video.

        1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

          The basic premise of the video is this: Deal with the causes of accidents, not the effects.

          Pretty straightforward.

          “The optics” – typical of the mobile phone camera rubberneck generation – are irrelevant to the argument.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    Fair enough – but I don’t know if I can ever “get used to” some of the sights I’ve recently seen in cycling gear.

    1. Lilly

      At least they’re trying to take it in hand instead of clogging up the hospitals with obesity-related problems.

    2. scottser

      I used to take the wee out of fat people out running, cycling etc. Then i got fat myself and had to get out and lose it. Now when i see someone panting up.a hill in lycra i give a wee smile and in my head i will them to stick at it and fupp what anyone else thinks.

      1. SOQ

        You will find the same in gyms. A new person comes in all self conscious thinking everyone is judging them but in fact, most are actually willing them on which is the complete opposite of what the new person thinks.

      2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        Well said Scottser
        I always think it’s hard enough to get off your patootie but when you are carrying another person on your back that takes guts, strength and determination

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Seriously. Old age has decreed that I’m lighter and thinner than I was in my prime. lycra would hold no terror for me. At the risk of being called ‘a hater ‘ (any criticism is now a hate crime) I would mention that I’ve always been active and was never a hearty trencherman. Make of that what you will.

        2. Ting-Tong

          yahbouti bunns of steel or what :) good on you
          hadnt heard the word trencherman im taking that

  5. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Gosh, the level of hate for cyclists on here. It’s almost like being a table of aul lads and aul wans in Cavistons in Glasthule!

    Seriously though, the Dublin Cycling Campaign needs to start to up its game politically and on the street. Take on motorists, hauliers, and their spokeswomen and lobbies face-to-face and turn up the heat on these buckets of lard at every possible opportunity.

    Leave the yellers to thejournal.ie comments section.

  6. Tarfton Clax

    The campaign has been doing this for over 20 years. Only a few people who volunteered their time selflessly over the years while it was unpopular to do so. Though l have to say while people associated cyclists with hippies, the insane hatred I see today… Cyclists are cancer???? That wasn’t there.

  7. :-Joe

    Drivers vs Cyclists, we love a good fight… especially if it goes on and on and hopefully somewhere forever…

    I’ve driven many cars and vehicles with two and four and six/eight etc wheels.. all different types and all over the city, country and other countries for personal and work related journeys mostly like any other person and often like a total maniac… safely but usually very fast… a bit like a rally driver with no safety equipment sort of thing but very careful at the same time…. Just to be clear I’ve never had an accident or crash over 2 miles an hour…

    I’ve cycled a lot in the same period and even a lot longer as a little git, breaking all the rules pulling tricks on a bmx or mountain bike or bombing along on racers etc. Sure, I scared the beejeezus out of some people but I never really noticed and I didn’t intend to do it on purpose… It must have happened a few times but part of that was because the infrastructure was almost non-existent and it still leaves a lot to be desired… for people walking on paths, going up or down the one way streets and walkway, bridges, steps pedestrian areas etc.

    Anyway, over a decade ago, I watched “who killed the electric car” and I realised along with a lot of other research into the environment that we’ve been sold a pup and treated like fools for decades by the motor industry and oil companies and everyone else involved….

    We are a good 25-50 years behind any decent schedule and it’s because the big goliath has been treating you like the little ant the whole time and your happy to go along with the brainwashing and abuse. The simple fact that you have forgotten or never figured out maybe, is that you hold all the power in your pocket(No lads it’s not that) Real power is real consumer choice and that is at it’s most powerful when you are an active citizen who thinks about where you spend your money. Every single cent you spend is greater than the will of any giant faceless corporation’s relentless greed for profit at any cost. If it isn’t working then stop paying for it or don’t be stupid enough to buy into it in the first place and especially on the downside of the curve. Corporations collapse when people stop buying their crap junk offerings.

    So, I decided not to keep or buy another car and instead use public transport more and more or rentals and change my lifestyle to suit the planet rather than my lazy habits and inability to plan my life around what I know is good for everyone. It wasn’t easy but you get used to it, that’s why so many humans are homeless or actual slaves and are still alive at the same time without most others noticing or caring.

    Many others like Elon Musk and his efforts made me feel good about what I was doing although he won’t return my calls…. but I enjoyed test-driving his cars and complaining about the lack of a KIT AI dude with a digitizer for a face who I could bounce ideas off while I was driving…. so now I’ve progressed to the next stage so that whenever I need a car I try to get an electric car.

    Recently I’ve been only using electric cars from gocar.ie because the future is already here gocar is nothing radically new to use, it’s even old compared to what is coming and we all need to just get on board and stop whinging and clinging onto the past.. before you know it you’ll be a cyborg drone flying automatically from place to place and cycling will be a strange novelty in a history hologram.

    We need to ban non electric / lpg etc. cars buses and bikes and other oil swilling pollution machines from the city between the canals by 2020(ambitious) apart from three or four separate roads up and down / east to west along the Liffey that link the northside to the southside. All we have to do then is let the rickshaws and skateboarders go nuts for about 2-3 years before the gurgle beta-bet and lord-bezozan’s robots take over…

    Anything would be better than what it is now and just to be rid of those bloody a-holes who buy bmw’s and mercs and overpriced fashion landrovers(for vain narcissitic people with even less money than sense) thinking they’re all this and all that.. vorsprung dich pollution, vw really cares about your safety, seig heil to the fake capitalism etc. …give me a break… I hope you’re all the most inconvenienced as possible and you whinge the most on rte and newstalk etc.. for the rest of your sad existence… still polluting the airwaves till your drone taxi gets hacked and flys off on a one way tour of the melting arctic circle…

    Obviously you will need to tell your local politician they need to introduce better incentives for people who want to buy electric etc or you won’t vote for them.. that’s all it takes.. politicians in power under our pseudo capitalist democracy will do nothing unless you threaten them within an inch of their lives.. they only respond to hedge fund managers and global private capital racketeers like the IMF so don’t hold back, most of them will actually thank you for it soon enough. Eventually, with your efforts on your representatives and the right breaks in return it’ll be easy for everyone to finally switch if they have to have a car 24/7.

    The cyclists are going to become even more and more of an issue and run wild and more wild beyond your wildest dreams because guess what?… Yes, they are all in the right. Yes oil based vehicles are all in the wrong and they the cyclists are right. So just get used to it until cars change completely to suit everyone else and the planet like in the films Demolition Man and Minority Report…
    – ( Ok, apart from the two american muscle cars John Spartan thaws out from the cryo-freezer when he gets frustrated with the sudden shock of race car driving, chasing Simon Phoenix and dealing with all the new technology and getting fined for swearing at the same time)…

    Anyway, just trust me, I’ve looked into it all, I have the experience from both sides and the new way is not that difficult to adapt to and It’s the only way forward, it’s all happening anyway and it’s good for us all so end of debate.

    Glad I could clear that up, now let’s talk more about how to get it done and not how to prevent the inevitable. You’re welcome. Thanks.


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