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  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Excellent cartoon from the ever-reliable Matt Pritchett.
    Great game,best team won,England did well to reach the semis with the players they had.
    France to win the final.

    1. Not on your Nelly Too

      It’s boring now, please stop. It’s too obvious. And too try hard. It’s bordering on depressing.

    2. Steph Pinker

      Mr Cromwell, are you implying that England did well against a better team, or, that they could’ve done better had Croatia been worse – based on the players they actually had, or didn’t have?

    3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Best World Cup Ever! If only the English had a word for schadenfreude!

  2. Being British, Can I First Just Apologise For ...

    Thank God those Thai kids were out in time to see the match. Double score.

    Vive La France.

  3. Ask Arsene

    England did as well as expected against the opponents in their group.Outside of the group stages they also did as well as expected against the opponents they faced.All the top sides who left the competition earlier than expected were unlucky not to face England on their route to the later stages.

    1. rotide

      You can only play what’s in front of you and the what was in front of them were teams that out performed the”better” teams that you’re taking about.

      Yes, one side of the draw ended up weaker than the other but that comes down to the traditional stronger teams not performing to the levels they should have. England exceeded themselves and eventually lost to a strong Croatian team.

  4. SOQ

    What happened in NI last night was a disgrace. No doubt those responsible will claim it to be thier heritage and culture but thier REAL heritage and culture was walking around Dublin winning friends and influencing people.

    What a stark contrast.

      1. SOQ

        That sort of thing has been going on for a long time but according to the media, what was different this time was that there was an orchestrated campaign over and above the usual. Probably because a bombfire was dismantled by the police due to safety concerns.

        What people may not understand is that a sizeable amount in their own communities do not want bombfires in their vicinity. If nearby hotels have to steamclean rooms because of the smell then you can imagine what some of the houses must be like today.

        1. Cian

          As one wag on twitter wrote:
          “More importantly will this [bonfire] qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme? “

          1. Bernie

            The PSNI apparently received a warning that the UVF in East Belfast, intended ‘orchestrating and participating in serious disorder’.

            There was alot unrest in the six counties last night – not that you’d know it from Broadsheet. More pressing issues such as, what Harry and Meghan had for their breakfast and where they p*ssed last…

          2. SOQ

            @ Clamps I would be surprised if it is only SF who are supporting that change. Problem is, everything in NI boils down to zero sum so if one group gains by default the other feels the have lost, even if it is not the case

          3. damien

            If your republican pals Sinn feinn actually took up their seats and represented their people in Westminster things might change
            And behaving like spoilt brats over the Irish language which is a stumbling block to power sharing in stormont is another
            Brexit going down the pan as they blame this and that
            Lets face it Leo will do what the frau tells him and our future is at stake
            Some leadership eh
            Now lets give Bertie
            The stage for their usual Waldorf and statler contribution

          4. Bernie

            Enjoy your night out Charger/Dave, if you don’t get going now, someone else will be drinking out of your Toby jug…

          1. Bernie

            They’re trying to work with them, there aren’t too many alternatives really. At least if there were licenses, it’s some form of control and regulation. Have to start the reining in somewhere, it’s been more or less a free-for-all up until now.

          2. SOQ

            And is the right position to take. Nobody wants them banned, just the same health & safety constraints applied as to any other public event.

          3. SOQ

            I am not near a pc at the moment Clampers so can’t check but who else is supporting such a move?

          4. Bernie

            In the interest of keeping people and their homes safe, bonfire building has to be regulated. The DUP would have had more influence in trying to implement changes. DUP member, Paul McLean’s claim that Sinn Féin were attempting to stop 11th night bonfires, is untrue.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            @SOQ – All I saw were local paper headlines, pics of the papers saying SF supported it.

            @Bernie Fair enuff, regulate, but it’ll be hard to move them out of the housing estates. Nothing worth doing is ever easy I guess.

            @Johnny Will ya mind yourself, you read like you’ve a blood vessel ready to burst… now, please, for your own good, do have a lie down. Good lad.

          6. Ting-Tong

            johnny are you loud and proud since 2010
            im sure you are
            the many personalities of a nut job

          7. Ting-Tong

            barking up the wrong tree there johnny
            I’m a straight woman don’t know what made you think I was a man

          8. Ting-Tong

            johnny join me at the grey lady in montauk at 2pm on 18th august for the drunken yoga class
            be there or be square

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