Imperial Responsibility


This afternoon.

The Famine Memorial. Dublin Docklands.

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Irish Famine Memorial on the second day of their  first official visit to Ireland.


Meanwhile, earlier…

This afternoon.

The British Royal couple at from top: DogPatch Labs, Trinity College and outside the EPIC emigrant museum at Custom House Quay.

Earlier: They Think It’s All Rover


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47 thoughts on “Imperial Responsibility

  1. Huey Luas on the News

    Feel any sense of guilt dear – for today’s traffic chaos?

    “I’d rather be in Coppers.”

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Its a stark and moving memorial, I’m glad they took the time to see it, I also hope they are enjoying their visit, best of luck to them.

    1. Seanan

      Yes, absolutely.

      One would hope that Harry is fully educated on a low part in British history, and that Meghan has learned something new.

  3. Frilly Keane

    That seems quite dignified and genuine

    I’m glad they included it in their itinerary
    Maybe more English will go and view it now too

    It is a thoughtful and moving
    And honest

    Better than any concrete pillars, marble plaques, or crosses erected from bits of scaffolding anyway

      1. Frilly Keane

        All those Royal watchers
        And oul’ queen sets
        That folly this crowd like fans
        Are most likely to be the kind that do Royal Tour follow ups
        And what have ya

        And they’re all over the world
        So it’s to be expected I suppose
        That visitors will come from
        All over the world

        Thank Christ I don’t work down there anymore

  4. SOQ

    I expect they are now off up to NI to burn poo then demand new road surfacing within the next 24 hours.

  5. SOQ

    This is the night when more tribal hatred is expressed in NI than any other. Is that acceptable to post John Ryan?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Does everything have to be about hate and spite with you lately

      Why can’t we salute nice stuff when it happens?

      You were better fun talking about frocks and accessories

      1. SOQ

        Nope the burning is always on the 11th and it is a night that many do not get a wink of sleep from worry.

    1. scottser

      Im heading over to the daily mail comments section for a laugh where no doubt kyle walker’s parentage will be blamed for the nation’s failure ;)

  6. Dhaughton99

    Are we all dying of heartburn from the Camden st fodder or flashing Illuminati signs?

  7. Huey Luas on the News

    “We’re going home later today”

    “Yes dear, and so are our football, I mean soccer team.”

  8. Rob_G

    I just want to find a woman that will love me as much as Broadsheet loves Harry and Meghan…

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      I have a suspicion that someone in the broadsheet towers has a bit of a crush on Megan.

      Or Harry, but it’s less likely.

      1. dav

        the state of closets in this country needs to be addressed, closets with squeaks will be eliminated..

  9. A random observer

    That first photo…

    Doesn’t Harry’s hand look like Nigel Farage?

    Just sayin’

  10. Being British, Can I First Just Apologise For ...

    Gosh, she’s thinner than the famine victims. Irony.

    1. An ironic observer

      You must be American.
      Americans don’t understand Irony.

      …which is ironic, actually…

  11. Sheik Yahbouti

    Any chance at all that we could get exercised about 22 million Yemenis being starved to death – today? Or will we live forever in the 1840’s?

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