13 thoughts on “Oculuas Rift

  1. Spud

    Social Media Summit on soon… Morketing goys busy…

    I bet yiz didnt go on the red line in this gear!
    You’d have those rifts pulled off yer heads in no time

    1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

      Roysh, totally. DCU MSc in electronic commerce and you’re it. VR (and AR) is dead. You look like a tool outside of your own home. But enough about the pink shirts.

    2. Paulus

      Though for once, the expression; “C’mere, what are ye lookin’ at? ” would have been appropriate.

    3. dhaughton99

      Its either this or cycle to the IFSC with a burrito on your back for a finance sillies lunch.

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