Slaves To The Arrhythmia


“This is a once-off exception to general regulations. No folding chairs will be permitted at any other event’

Vital planning ahead of concerts by Grace Jones, 70, next Monday and Bryan Ferry, 72, next Thursday at Trinity College Dublin.

Those going to Gavin James on Saturday will have to stand and frug.

That’ll learn them.

Thanks Vinnie Highway.

11 thoughts on “Slaves To The Arrhythmia

  1. Huey Luas on the News

    Jones is 70. Ferry 72. The only hula hoops will be the ones you are munching on.

    1. SOQ

      Jones’s elders have in the main lived to over 100. She has a battle of wine permanently attached to one hand and a cigarette to the other (dharling) and yet, she still has a two-and-a-half octaves vocal range and a body of a woman quarter her age. IMO she is the most talented singer alive today, one of God’s gifts. This video is only from 4 years ago. Watch how she hits a G#5 with ease.

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